Watching the Storm


The rain fell in cascades down the windows of the sun room today —


The ferocity of it beckoned me out, and I opened the side door and watched it fall.

It pooled under the Crape Myrtle tree and the swamp maples that Certain Man has planted.


The leaves stuck to the new lumber on the deck with their soggy beauty like a designer rug, brought out for this rainy Autumn day.


The wind was wild, and it caught my Harvest flag and tossed it up and out into the unrelenting spray.
Under our grand old Magnolia, the water ran in a gentle stream.

On the back side of the garage, the gutters overflowed, dumping gallons of water on the patio below.  Certain Man would have gotten up there to clean them out.  Me???  Not so inclined.


The impatiens were lovely in the downpour.  I watched the raindrops slide over their soft petals and off to the deck below.  Summer flowers, still so lovely in this last week of October.  They bring joy to my heart, even as I revel in the colors of this season.  Somehow they speak courage to me, and remind me that we never know how and when and where God might choose to use us to encourage someone along the way. 

Even (maybe ESPECIALLY) when the time has come that you feel like you should be long gone, our Heavenly Father just might have a plan for you to stand quietly in the storm and let the beauty He’s given you shine through the tears that slip quietly off your face.  Don’t give up, dear friends.  There is beauty in the wildest storm.


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5 responses to “Watching the Storm

  1. I love how you creatively described your rainy day. We missed most of that rain, as it was just drizzly here – and no wind.

  2. Very nicely discribed. I agree “there is beauty in the wildest storm”.

  3. I so love reading your posts – you have the most descriptive language, and it’s a joy to read!  Your last paragraph is something I have been telling Mama almost daily – God alone knows when His plan for her life here is finished, and that He is using her even now – in many lives around her!I sure wish we could have some of that rain – we are about to dry up and blow away!God bless your day!

  4. Good post; I love those flowers that hang on til the very end of Fall!!

  5. great post !  as usual thanks for sharing.

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