Home, safe and sound!


Daniel and I got home from Ohio yesterday afternoon — safe and sound.  While we were there, our family had a chance to eat supper together at Der Dutchman, Plain City’s most impressive restaurant.  There is an Amish buggy inside the dining room where people can sit to eat if they want to.  It was empty when we were getting ready to go home, and Charis wanted to get in and play.  I caught this picture while she was cavorting about.

There is much to tell from our weekend, but even more to process.  I have very busy hands these few days because we need to go back out to Ohio (leaving tomorrow) to get Rachel for her Thanksgiving break.  This is where my courage fails me, and I need to really rely on strength that is not my own.  Please pray for our family.


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  1. glad he came home safe and sound!

  2. Praying that God’s strength will bless you and give you endurance and wisdom.

  3. cute as a button…….praying for your beautiful family

  4. Praying for a safe trip. So sweet of a pic. Terry and I had a wonderful time in India with Mark. I guess you will have to ask Mark about the details.

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