And now we are home again!

Tonight, I stir about in my kitchen, and think about the miles upon miles that I have ridden with Certain Man over the last eight days.  Two trips to Ohio, in fact.  We were out to his father’s funeral, and came back home on Tuesday.  There were new chickens that Certain Man hadn’t even seen, and even though his “almost a brother” Gary Burlingame, does a fantastic job, Certain Man just needs to lay his eyes on his chickens, has to do this and that to adjust things, has to get a feel for the flock so that he knows how to handle them.  And so, while in Ohio, he worked extra hard to have things finished up from the funeral so we could come home to Delaware on Tuesday.

I wanted to come home, too.  We had a surprise birthday party scheduled for a friend on Wednesday night, there was Bible Study on Thursday morning, and a luncheon for our church ladies at noon on Thursday.  I had laundry I wanted to do and housekeeping things I needed to get done before heading back out to Ohio on Thursday afternoon.

I had honest offers to help, and I would think and think how someone could maybe plug in, but there are so many loose ends when you are catching up from being gone and trying to get ready to go again.  Things I felt needed to be done by me (or one of my daughters — but Oldest Daughter had a baby that was running a fever, Middle Daughter was(is) in Peru, and Youngest Daughter was in Ohio).  And so I plugged away, finishing laundry, checking and making sure all the medications were right for the ladies, trying to straighten up the kitchen and pack.  There came a time when I told Certain Man that I wasn’t going to be ready at 2:00pm.  I wasn’t even going to be ready at 4:00.  I kept reminding myself that I was going to get to sit all the way to Ohio — that slow and steady wins the race — that putting one foot in front of the other, painful though it was by that point, was necessary to get things finished.  And so I plodded on.  It was 6:00 when we finally were all ready to go.  I hugged my despondent Nettie-girl, and Cecilia, who pushed me away with great irritation, and finally, was out the door.  I plopped myself into the front seat of our mini van and wept.  I was so incredibly tired, so incredibly sad, and I really, really just wanted to stay at my house and not go anywhere.

Certain Man was quiet beside me.  He had shown remarkable restraint all day while he tried to help me get ready, and he was weary, too.  The previous days had depleted him emotionally, and he had worked hard to get things in order in the barn and chicken house.  We had originally thought that we would be able to drive straight through to Ohio, be there around ten or so, and get a good night’s rest before going in to the Rosedale International Center to pick up Youngest Daughter.  But we evaluated our state of mind and body and the delayed time of departure, and decided that we would ride until we felt we couldn’t anymore, and then get a motel for the night and go the rest of the way in the morning.

I began to think about the day, and decided to look for things to be thankful for.  It wasn’t going to do me or Certain Man any good to sit there “brutzing” all the way to Ohio.  Certain Man had been so kind to me all day, and so I thanked him for his patience and kindness to me, for his help and the way he had not spoken in any way that was harsh or irritated.  That put me in a better frame of mind, and I silently counted more and more blessings and decided that life wasn’t all that bad after all.  We enjoyed some great conversation, and along about eight o’clock, we both got to feeling much, much better.  The miles flew by, and before we knew it, we were all the way to the Ohio line, it was around midnight, and we found a sweet motel and got a good night’s sleep.

Yesterday morning, we got in to Columbus around 11:30 and dropped off the packing boxes for Youngest Daughter.  We did a little shopping, came back and picked her up, got a little lunch, and took her to Rosedale to be with some friends for the afternoon.  We put a set of tires on our minivan, I got an emergency Chiropractic appointment for a neck that had a painful kink in it, and Certain Man went to the funeral home to pick up the Death Certificate for his father, and then we dropped some papers off at a cousin’s house, went to Yutzy’s Farm Market for some chocolate, cheese and Trail Bologna, and then got to Mechanicsburg in time for supper with the REACHERS and their families.  Then we went to Commissioning for the teams, enjoyed some sweet time with friends, and then headed back to Certain Man’s cousin’s house and a wonderful, wonderful bed.  Youngest Daughter spent the night watching “all night volleyball” at RBC, but at six o’clock this morning, we hit the road for home.  What a wonderful feeling!  We got in around 3:00pm.  It was the first time in three months that Youngest Daughter had seen the old home place, and her appreciation for home warmed my heart immensely. Jim and Normie Stutzman did a wonderful job watching over things for us until they needed to leave this morning after receiving news of Jim’s grandma’s passing.  Then my capable niece, Carmen,  took care of things today, and gave us a royal welcome home when we pulled in.

And tonight we rattle around the home place.  Youngest Son and His Wife were here for a few hours, Oldest Daughter and Beloved Son in Law and their Love Bug came for Pizza with Youngest Daughter and Certain Man and I.  There are apple dumplings baking in the oven, and the plans for Sunday lunch tomorrow are coming right along with a fat turkey that Oldest Daughter found in her freezer. 

And I am HOME.  Home.  How wonderful it is.  We have the prospect of a golden week with Youngest Daughter before she flies to Thailand, and the week has plans for so many happy times.  I am glad we could go and be with Youngest Daughter for commissioning, and I would not have wanted to miss this milestone in her life.  But I am so gratefully relieved that Oldest Son and His Ohio Heart Throb plan to take Youngest Daughter back to Ohio after this week at home is finished.  I think I’ve seen enough of that road between here and Ohio to last me for a while.

And with that, I’m outta’ here.  Still need to work on the lists for our Thanksgiving Boxes on Tuesday night, and need to go over my Sunday School lesson plans for my precious young charges tomorrow. 

And I love life settling back into some normalcy.  Right now “ordinary” looks mighty fine.


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  1. Sometimes ordinary feels like the best thing in the world. Hope you settle back into your routine easily. Get some rest, I’m sure you need it. Sending love and prayers your way.

  2. My head was spinning as I read your post!  It must make home seem sweet, indeed.

  3. There is no place sweeter than in your own home and in your own bed is there?

  4. Not only a lot of physical activity, but you’ve been through an emotional wringer!  Thankful with you that you are home for both physical and mental respite!

  5. This post made me tired! 🙂 I’m glad that you are home again.Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week.

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