Enough of the crying, already

It has been a day when it is hard to not cry.

1.  I guess I am not really over whatever is wrong with me.  I still feel thick and slow and stupid.

2.  My husband is sick.  He didn’t make it to church this morning.  I know how bad he feels (see #1)  and it makes me sad for him.

3.  My Sweet Mama is sick.  I talk to her on the phone and she sounds so bad.  I should go out there and take care of her.  But — (see #1 and #2)

4.  My Uncle David died this morning.  The seventh child of David and Savilla Yoder to die in less than five years.  The third one since July 29th of this year.  On the 18th, it will be five years since my daddy died.  He was the first.  There was an irreverent remark when Daddy died.  Something about it being the “beginning of ‘open season’ on the Yoder siblings.”   I didn’t particularly like it then.  I like it even less now.  Seven gone.  Grandma had her babies fast, but I know she never had seven in less than five years.

5.  I miss my faraway girlie.

6.  I miss my faraway girlie.

7.  I miss my faraway girlie.

8.  I miss my faraway girlie.

9.  I miss my faraway girlie.


If you are looking for some resolution to this, it isn’t coming.  Yet.




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17 responses to “Enough of the crying, already

  1. Sometimes crying is the best and only thing to do, just remember there will be a time to dance also.

  2. you just go ahead and cry, MaryAnn. You have my full permission! I certainly would be doing a whole lot more than I am now. Thanks for the love sent our way.

  3. I am saddened by the news of David’s passing…Just heard a couple days ago that he wasn’t doing too well.

  4. Sorry, MaryAnn.  I hope you will all feel better soon.

  5. Sounds to me, you have good reason to cry.  Just ONE of those reasons would be enough, but you’ve had lots of sadness….and especially here at the holiday season.  Keep your chin up, Kiddo.   Better days WILL come. 

  6. Praying for you right now.  Weeping may endure for a night, but I know joy comes in the morning.  I am sorry about your uncle, and that someone could be so irreverent about your family.  Blessings to you, MaryAnn.

  7. Thinking of you. Stay strong and get plenty of rest.

  8. We have a God who cares and is so very close to the broken hearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. Psalm 34:18 May He be your greatest comfort.. knowing He walked this earth and knows what you are going through.. He wept when he lost a loved one, too.  

  9. I thought I had left a comment from my phone last evening as we were driving home. Apparently it did not go through. Anyway, I simply said, “I love you, Mary Ann, and I really do care.”I read the “going through my purse” story out loud to Dick as we drove. It sounded just toooo familiar. I tried one of those big bags recently too, and just could not deal with the “one big compartment” issue. I was constantly emptying it out to find stuff.

  10. I agree with your many Friends, MaryAnn–crying is part of the grieving process and shortcuts do not work–only delay healing. I only had one sibling–a brother 12 years older than me. He has been gone a long time, but he is sure in my heart. He was a great big brother.So many so quickly is rough to handle. I guess it is Phil 4:13 time again.blessingsFRANK

  11. I’m really sorry about your uncle.

  12. Psalm 126:5 Those who sow in tears will reap with songs of joy.

  13. HUGS all will be fine. I want to make a short visit down your way can I stop in some day?

  14. I am the daughter of her uncle who died on Sunday. I’ll miss my daddy a lot.I do hope you are better by now, Mary Ann… Eager to hear more about your daughter-far-away.Thanks for everything.

  15. I can’t believe someone would make a comment like that. 😦  When my Dad passed away, someone warned me that sometimes people make “stupid” comments in receiving lines and such…fortunately, it didn’t happen.  I guess sometimes people try to make light of it and in the process end up hurting people. 😦

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