Some resolution — but more sadness

Back on April 17th of this year, I wrote about taking my first drive after my second knee replacement to go into the Hospice Center of Milford to tell my friend, Joan, one last good-bye.  You can read about that little trip here:

Monday morning, another neighbor called me and asked me if I had heard that Joan’s son was gravely ill.  I hadn’t.  And after talking with her for a little bit, I decided to call Joan’s mother, who lives behind Joan’s house in a modular house.  Mildred is a precious old lady and she has endured many a heartache.  Not the least of which was losing her beloved daughter last spring.

Mildred filled me in on all the details.  She said that Craig hadn’t been feeling good, and finally, the week of Thanksgiving, had gone to the doctor and was diagnosed almost immediately with pancreatic cancer.  The days since then have been filled with unfortunate setbacks and strange developments.  When I spoke to her Monday, she was guardedly hopeful, but also said that he was a “very sick boy.”

Late last evening, the neighbor that called me Monday, called to say that Craig had passed away.  My heart aches for this family.  Craig was married (rather briefly) and had son, Tyler.  Tyler is 14 now, and Craig has had custody of him for most of his life.  Tyler is a fine young man.  Mannerly, and will speak when spoken to.  He was exceptionally close to his Mom-Mom, and her passing was difficult for him.  I cannot even imagine what must be going through his head tonight. Craig was an only son, but his two sisters were always trying to look out for him.  I’m sure that they are devastated.  His dad is the strong silent kind of man, not very apt to say what is in his heart, but my heart aches for him as well.  And his elderly grandmother!  She has some serious health issues, and this can’t be a good thing for her to have to deal with right now.

. . . When I look at the problems and sorrows that other people have, my own look rather small and insignificant.  How very difficult this is to understand.  I pray that they would somehow find comfort in this sad, sad time.



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2 responses to “Some resolution — but more sadness

  1. So sad, very sorry. Yes, it does make our concerns seem trivial doesn’t it.

  2. Mary Ann… this is so distressing.. I’m sorry.. and then I think of our cousin in VA going to her dear friend’s funeral on Sat.And then there is our Mr Kevin and his daughter…I don’t need to say more…I am so blessed, tho’.

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