Things are looking up at Shady Acres.  I have made enough soup this week to run my own soup kitchen, and there is more to go.  Certain Man and I decided to go ahead with the annual open house for his office that had been scheduled for tomorrow evening.  I looked at this week and thought about the things going on and decided that I really did need to think about something HAPPY for a change, and so we’ve had a grand time planning and looking forward to the evening.

I know that there aren’t many people who plan these sorts of things, and we got our invitations out a whole lot later than we wanted to (we had good reasons for that, but they still were later than usual) but we’ve not had a whole lot of people letting us know one way or another if they are coming or not.  I am just as happy if the ones who come are the ones who really want to and maybe people just don’t like to say they aren’t coming — but it sure makes planning easier when I have some idea as to how many people I am planning for.


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  1. What kind of soup did you make?

  2. I’m so glad you are turning your mind to happy things.  Sometimes it’s just a matter of focus!RSVP – ing is a lost art, I think.  Planning events like weddings, anniversary parties, and Christmas open house is difficult if you don’t have at least some idea of how many to feed!Blessings to y’all!

  3. Sound like u can stay busy to. And ur soup sound good to.

  4. Boy, that is so true. We’re trying to plan a wedding (less than 3 weeks to go) and are having to make a final “guess” about food planning, as 30 people still haven’t given a reply, even when we asked a second time. That’s just the way it is, I guess. Have a good time.

  5. Have you had this event yet? I am interested in what soups you had/have and how the attendence was. Not knowing how many to plan for is really rough.

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