Silent Night, Holy Night . . .


All is Calm . . .


All is Bright . . .


. . . Well maybe not quite . . .


We had a jolly good time at the party.  For those who are wondering about the soups, for this occasion, we had Shrimp chowder and Cheddar Cheese Chowder.  The other soups that I made this week were Beef and Barley and Chicken Corn Noodle Soup.  I think that all together, I made over a dozen gallons of soup last week.  And there isn’t much left!  It was a cold and windy week, with lots of sickness and the two funerals.  Soup is good for times like this.


We had a great time at the party, but an even better time together at my Uncle’s funeral.  I thought again yesterday about how often we say things like “It’s so sad that the only times we get together are at funerals” or “It’s good to see you, just not under these circumstances.”  When my father in law died a month ago, one of the things that I thought about so often was, “This isn’t such a terrible ‘circumstance’ when you really think about it.  We get to see all these people we love and so seldom get to see, and Grandpa gets to go HOME!  That sounds like a ‘win/win’ situation to me!” 

And that was truly the atmosphere yesterday as we remembered a man who was colorful, but often gray; witty, but often reserved; loving but sometimes prickly, but never, never indifferent about anything.  There were eight Yoder Boys, but this was the uncle that when I looked at him, I saw my daddy’s face.  I will miss knowing that somewhere my daddy’s oldest brother is still living. 

Most of what I miss, though, is the passing of this generation that is just ahead of my own. 

How did I get to be here? 

Since when are we the “older generation?” 

I don’t think we have what it takes to fill their shoes.

God help us!



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  1. Nice post. Love those soups.  As a member of the “older generation” I hope we can rise to the occasion!

  2. Mary Ann, I think you are doing an awesome job already.  I am comforted knowing that there are people in the world like you and Daniel who love and give and cherish and truly care about people.  You are a “rare breed”.  I said in Sunday School today that the Lord has given the Yoder family a special gift.  I am often amazed at the love your family shares with each other and those around you.  What a blessing.  No, we can’t take the place of people like your father or David, but we can follow in their footsteps!  I love you!

  3. Those were my exact words after my dad died last year. I said to my siblings, “Now we’re the older generation.” Very sobering indeed. That picture of your granddaughter under the caption, “All is bright” made me laugh out loud!! She’s so cute and that picture of her is so funny!

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