In just about a half an hour, it will be five years since my daddy went to Heaven.

I remember so many things about that night.

I remember that the joy was incredible.  He was safely HOME, and he went so peacefully, so quietly, without fanfare or struggle.

I had no idea how much I would miss him.

They always say things like “We’d never wish him back . . . “

Tonight, not that it will change a single thing, I selfishly wish him back.

I wish he hadn’t had to go.

I wish he would be here to comfort and hold my Mama.

I wish he were here to advise his children and grandchildren.

I wish our church family could feel that gentle love that helped to hold us steady.

It doesn’t matter to him, and he wouldn’t want to come back —

But I didn’t know how much I would miss him.

I wish so much that I could talk to him tonight.




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  1. I know what you mean. I was missing my dad today when I heard someone sing Beautiful Star of Bethlehem. He loved that song. I think it made me emotional today because last night we were at the viewing of a friend of my parents, and I talked with her children about the good memories we had because our parents were good friends. So for whatever reason the song unglued me this morning.

  2. I love that picture, and I wish he was here too. Wish we could show him all the kiddos when we come. Wouldn’t he love to see my twins? So prayers…..and so thankful that he lived a life that makes us miss him.

  3. Losing him so close to Christmas must make it more difficult. My thoughts are with you.

  4. No matter what the selfish side of us always wants to keep them. My grandpa recently passed and I so didn’t want to let him go. I knew he was suffering and I knew his heart was in the right place. He was ready but we were not. Cherish all those wonderful memories. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

  5. I wish the very same thing for my dad and for all the same reasons. I love the one comment above – so glad he lived a life that would make us miss him. And how!!

  6. He was a handsome man.  I’m not surprised to hear how wonderful he was…after all, he helped raise YOU, tenderhearted Mary.  Of course you want your Papa today.  I so wish it could happen for you.  *someday, someday*  He loves his little girl….you still have that.  I love you.  ((hugs))

  7. I’m not sure it EVER gets better, but as time goes on, it just gets easier.  I too, love the comment, “So glad he lived a life that would make us miss him.”   How Wonderful!!!  Bless you, Dear.

  8. When I worked at Country Rest Home & Mark Sr. was my boss, I couldn’t have had one any better.

  9. Sorry that you are missing your father, and at this time of year.  When we’re missing someone, the Holidays seem to just intensify that feeling of sadness.  Praying that our Heavenly Father sends a special blessing your way.  Hugs to you~

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