The Morning after Christmas


I received some thoughtful and wonderful gifts over this season.  My family and husband put thought and time and money into their choices.  Middle Daughter gave me this figurine — and though I know that things like this can be “just one more thing to sit on the shelf and get dusty,” this is one feels different somehow! 
Thanks, Beeba!


We are looking for some serious snow here today.  Certain Man is in his chair, still working on the sermon for this morning that may or may not be needed — many churches have already canceled, and our little church, on a back country road with no wind breaks is still deciding.  I am not eager to take my ladies out in it.  Beeba worked last night, and she is home, but reports treacherous black ice under the snow on untreated roads.  All the out of state offspringin’s are gone — Lem and Jess left last night, ahead of the storm and were safely home to their apartment in Philadelphia around midnight.  Raph and Gina decided last night that they would sleep and then try to head out this morning ahead of the worst of the storm, so they left around 6:30.  The house is strangely quiet and empty.  We had a great weekend together, just too short, and we missed our Thailand girlie incredibly much.



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8 responses to “The Morning after Christmas

  1. Willow Tree can hardly ever be “just one more thing” They can be so meaningful… this one is perfect in my opinion. We will wait for final word from you all about church, but I don’t think we will try it. We will miss you!

  2. Love the signifance of that Willow Tree. I love Willow Tree.

  3. Willow Tree makes such meaningful items, this is lovely.  Hopefully we will recieve no further snow until this has melted. Today is rather mild out and we will head out shortly to our little country church also.

  4. I am happy you had a wonderful Christmas.  I loved reading your Christmas letter!Thanks for thinking of me!

  5. I agree with everyone’s comments on Willow Tree figurines. They are so beautiful and, I find, very meaningful. I love the couple that I’ve been given! Sure hope you didn’t have to go out in this weather! It’s snowing like crazy down here and the roads are B.A.D.

  6. I have one Willowtree figure, it’s of a woman sitting and reading a book.  I love it.  Yours is so precious.We just got home from church and lunch.  I’m very tired and am cozy.  Rich just pulled up all the shades and I’m in bed watching the snow fall.  We haven’t had much yet so this is a peaceful treat.Much love~

  7. I can hardly look at that Willow Tree figure without sobbing. It is so incredibly beautiful and precious. I am definitely going to look for one like that to give to Destiny.

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