Outside my window . . .










It’s hard to believe this is the day after Christmas in Delaware!  It has been snowing most of the day and “they”
are predicting that it will continue through the night.  I am grateful that my husband is here and is content to be here.
  I’m glad my nurse daughter worked last night and got safely home this morning.  I am thankful that my Eldest Daughter,
Beloved Son in Law and their Love Bug are together at their house up the road.  I’m thankful that Youngest Son and Girl
With a Beautiful Heart are in Philadelphia, probably snowed in, but at least safe in their little tucked away apartment,
and that Oldest Son with His Ohio Heart Throb are home in their snug apartment, without any of the complications of
weather that we are experiencing.  I’m grateful for a chance to chat with Youngest Daughter on Facebook and to “hear”
optimism in that exchange.

My heart is heavy, though, when I remember that Milford, DE, has a proportionately large homeless population.  I pray
that there could be shelter given tonight for anyone who may be out in this storm.  And once again, I give grateful praise
for God’s blessing to us, and for the way Certain Man has provided for me and our family.  I’m thankful for warmth and
protection from the weather.  I’m thankful for family and good memories and for this season when we remember
The Best Gift of All!



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6 responses to “Outside my window . . .

  1. Oh my.. I hadn’t thought about the homeless out in this bad storm. I’m ashamed! We are so blessed. Our animals are given more comfort than many living on the streets.

  2. Most of us have so very much to be thankful for don’t we? Your picture is stunning, so pretty.

  3. Lovely scene.  It must seem lovelier knowing all is well with your family. Not so lovely for those who must travel or have inadequate means.  God is blessing you!

  4. I am so glad you got to “talk” with your Youngest Daughter.  Even a Facebook chat can serve to warm a Mom’s heart.  My youngest daughter and precious son-in-law just left after Pamela being here almost a month!  So hard to see her go!I’m thankful you and yours are all snug in your homes, and so sad for those without.  Praying with you that there are shelters and open doors enough for them.

  5. Your gratefulness and compassion shine through! Love you. ~Polly~

  6. when there is bad weather i think of homeless too. I pray for them. My brother right now is in San An TX , and homeless. 😦 But he is like a prodigale son and afraid to come home. God bless him I pray God will intervene.

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