Does this sound familiar????

Okay,  you all–

You had better pray for me!

I’m cleaning my study!

This involves lots of giving things away,
Sorting through things–
Organizing what can be organized,
Putting things where they belong,
Throwing things out,
Recycling some stuff,
And sending things to Salvation Army.

Oh, and getting rid of some books.
  There is just no sense in keeping
some of these old books,
(much as I love to look at them).

I did take some “before” pictures,
But I think I’ll put the “after” ones on later.

My Grandmother Wert used to say that any dirt we took into the New Year
would stay with us all year.

If that’s true, I’m in trouble this year!


One more thing:  I found two ink cartridges (hp 96 – black, and hp 97 – tri-color)
that someone can have for the taking.
They are still in their original plastic sleeves that are sealed, but not the outer packaging. 
We got rid of the printer and these are of no use to us at all.

Let me know if you are interested!



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9 responses to “Does this sound familiar????

  1. I need some of your ambition.  πŸ˜‰

  2. I too need to do some major cleaning of my office (and some other places)    Hope you have a cleaning good time!

  3. I sure am hoping to get home and begin some purging, myself!  Looks like we get to go home from the hospital today, so maybe next week I can begin reorganizing!

  4. I’ve been trying to do a lot of cleaning myself. I hope it goes well!

  5. Uh oh… me, you’ll donate it somewhere, then need it a week later.   Sure wish I could get my luggage carriers back to cart the water containers for my humidifier.  (o;

  6. Purging is what I call this and it does really feel good when it is done.  I will look forward to that picture of “after”.

  7. The new year is a great time to begin cleaning out “stuff”, mentally, materially, physically and spiritually! New beginnings!

  8. You’re inspiring me!    πŸ™‚

  9. I use HP 96 and 97 inks.  If no one else is interested, I would be.

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