Progress . . .

This is one view that I took before I got started yesterday —

And this is how it looked when I got done with this one area —


I made even more progress than this, but this is the one area that I got completely finished.

Today I made a big pot of Beef and Barley soup.  Youngest Son and His Girl were here for a
few hours, and tonight I’ve been trying to wrap up loose ends, get ready for Sunday School Class,
finish cleaning up the kitchen, etc..  Usual Saturday night stuff.

I was lugging a big plastic container of wrapping paper from the study to the top of the basement
stairs this morning, and I came around the corner, and saw Certain Man on his La-Z-boy where he
has spent most of the last three days, sick.  I looked out the window, saw the wonderful snow and
without thinking, caught myself smiling.  Unfortunately, Certain Man was watching at that moment,
and must have thought that I was happy that he was sick!

“WHAT?!?!!??” he demanded from his chair, startling me out of my wits!  I looked over at him in
his misery and thought how it must have felt to him to feel so miserable, and have me look over at
him and smile.

“Oh, um,” I stammered, wondering how I could explain to him why I was feeling so happy this morning.
“Well, it’s just that I’m happy,” I said lamely.  “It’s snowing and my husband is home and it just
makes me happy!”  I kept on lugging the heavy container towards its destination, and he looked like
I had taken leave of my senses, but he kinda shook his head, and settled back into his chair for another
nap, and I went on with my morning chores.

I’m really rather tired of him being sick.  But knowing him as well as I do, I know that he is far more
tired of it than I am.  He got a little bit antsy this afternoon, and wanted to go out and scrape his lane.
I advised against it, and he took my advice without too much fuss.  That is one thing that tells me that
he really is feeling bad.  The hardest thing is when a husband is almost well enough to do what he wants
to do, BUT NOT QUITE, and then does too much and gets a real set-back.  And there is a
CERTAIN MAN who is rather famous for such shenanigans.  So I was rather happy to have him just
take it easy all day. 

I’m going to see what else I can quick finish up tonight —
Sunday is almost here, and I do love me some Sunday!



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5 responses to “Progress . . .

  1. You have been a  busy little Buckeyegirlie for sure. Your office is looking good.So CM has the long lasting flu that is going around this area also. It seems to linger for days. No snow here but it is cold. We drove to Boy Genius’s home for  #4 son’s birthday this evening. The vehicle finally warmed up right before we arrived and it stood in the cold during the birthday party only to cool off and didn’t warm up until we arrived home. Iowa in winter can be miserable at times.

  2. That before and after contrast is wonderful. Don’t you just love to look at a corner like that after you’re all done? I got my whole house cleaned today and this evening I’m enjoying just looking around at it! I didn’t put my Christmas decorations away yet. I’m still enjoying them too much.

  3. You are making wonerful progress.  Let’s hope your CM progresses to good health soon.

  4. Oh wow! I’m sure that’s a good feeling for sure. I have some areas in my house that could use that attention!

  5. I’m sure that’s a good feeling to have your desk all nice and sparkly!  I can sympathize with having a sick husband.  Mine was sick with the flu between Christmas and New Years.  Not too fun… =/

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