It snowed last night in Delaware.  I woke up around 2:30 and looked out the window at the broad expanse of white and figured this day would be different than expected.  Certain Man, awakened from his sleep at his wife’s insistence, grunted and said, “It will probably be a two hour delay,” and turned over and went back to sleep.

In the pre-dawn silvery darkness, I got up and followed him down to do the morning check of ladies and to check who is going where. The cold and the snow are so different from last week’s spring-like weather.  I turn to google to see what is happening in the town of Youngest Daughter today. 


Weather for Bangkok, Thailand

82°F | °C
Current: Mostly Cloudy
Wind: S at 5 mph
Humidity: 74%

Half a world away, she also has a complete reversal of the weather here.  I know it is so hot.  I don’t miss the hot.  I do miss the girlie.  It’s been a while since I’ve had a personal letter from her.
A few weeks ago, Certain Man asked me to try to find flowers for her for Valentines day.  He has made a practice of sending his unmarried daughters red, white and pink carnations with some baby’s breath thrown in for Valentines Day, and he wanted to at least attempt to do the same for his faraway girlie.  So I messaged Candice Mast, who, with her husband, Tom, are the “resident resource persons” in Bangkok.  She was an absolute joy to work with, eager to see what she could do, and, in the end, successful beyond what we had initially expected.

On Facebook, the morning of February 14th, Rachel posted on her wall:
“Some traditions never fail… Even with a world in between. Thank you, Daddy for my pretty pink and white carnations. =] It made my day!”

I’m so thankful for the man who is the Daddy of my children.  He really is an unusual man in so many ways.  And I am thankful for the help of friends in Thailand whose unselfish help has made Thailand seem not quite so far away this past week for Certain Man and me.  

Deborah continues to make preparations for her trip to to see Rachel, leaving in a little over three weeks.  It tugs incredibly much to know that Beebs (our family’s pet name for Deborah) will be able to see her, spend time with her, observe where she lives and works and meet her friends.  Once again, the opportunities that are afforded Beebs by her hard work and frugal budgeting blesses not only herself, but Rachel and Certain Man and me (and the rest of our family, too).  It is comforting to me that Rachel is going to have family with her for a couple of days, and that Beebs will bring back stories that will be alive with detail and color and interesting tidbits that others would miss or deem unimportant.

And so the days and weeks keep on passing.  Three months are almost history.  Sometimes I think about this absence and try to evaluate how I feel, and measure it against the other absences of our children in times past.  Sometimes it seems like if I put things in perspective and think about all the positives and growth and opportunities involved, it doesn’t hurt so much.  That helps, I guess.

But sometimes I just miss her so incredibly much that all I can think of is her Blueberry Eyes.


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  1. It is amazingly helpful that someone close to you is able to go visit your loved one, isn’t it?  I, too, am feeling the distance between me and my far-away children (not as far as Thailand, but certainly out of arms’ reach!).  Time passes while we are not looking, and I am thankful.  Your husband’s care for his girls is really touching.We, too, are having a little cold snap, although no snow here in south-central Texas.  I was enjoying that week of Spring-like weather!Hope your day is blessed!

  2. I am glad we did not get any of this snow hitting the northland!   Glad you all could get you girl her flowers!!!  Missing children…….. I am just starting to get into that stage of my life!

  3. I understand the feeling of missing my children….out of arm’s length….thankful for the telephone and digital photos one can see now and then on FB.

  4. I miss all of the kids when they leave…….but my youngest was the toughest in more ways than one.

  5. What a sweet Daddy!  It must have meant sooooo much to Rachel to know the extent to which he will go to “make her day”.I am sitting in my porch swing listening to the chirp of birds and enjoying the perfectly beautiful day.  But just in time for our famous Las Vasqueros celebration (Rodeo parade, professional rodeo, etc) and our match play golf tournament rain or at least wind and cooler temps are forecasted.  How does the weather know each year that these events have arrived?  Very Strange!

  6. What a great thing to do that your man does for his daughters on Valentine’s Day! My Karen is eagerly anticipating her trip to see your girlie and her Team next week. She can hardly wait!

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