Rachel’s Rendezvous

Today, a friend prayed that I would have some word from my faraway girlie.  I came to my computer right after she prayed and found that Rachel had updated her private blog.  She had told me that I could put a link to it on my Xanga site.



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5 responses to “Rachel’s Rendezvous

  1. Mary Ann!!!!!! I just wept as I read that post! Can you believe how good God is???? You must feel so tremendously comforted to see how God has profoundly provided from afar. Wow, wow, wow! And the credit she gives to you for her reaction to that uncomfortable classroom situation is just beautiful and so well deserved. God is so good.

  2. What a nice blog Rachel wrote. Very touching and what a comfort to you folks to read this. Yes, God is so good.

  3. I absolutely love hearing stories of God at work in our everyday experiences. What a comfort to a mother’s heart!

  4. God is so good to show us as parents how He is caring for our babies!  What a blessing for Rachel, and then in turn, she blessed us by sharing.

  5. What a wonderful daughter you have! God bless her.

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