We are were coming right along with this remodeling project.

Paneling off, and dry wall put up around the alcove:


The brick behind where the piano was is covered, and mostly ready for paint:


The carpet has been torn out, the walls were ready for the painter/drywall guys.


But unfortunately, there have been just a few ripples in the road:

These “headers” aren’t even nailed in.  If you grab the middle piece at the corner, it will come right off in your hand.


We finally got things under control, the dry wall installed and the ceiling painted.


When I came downstairs this morning, this is what I found!



Tonight, our painter told us that in the 24 years that he has been painting, he has NEVER had a ceiling act like this one.  Nothing will stick to the dry wall that is on the ceiling!  They painted on Friday.  After they left, patches started falling off.  Monday, he came in, scraped off around the areas that had fallen off, put on new “popcorn” stipple, and it looked wonderful.  After he left last night, it started falling off again.  This morning he came in, scraped off all the old stipple and attempted to put on a layer of primer paint (which, he earnestly asserts,  had never been done).  The primer paint fell off, too.  So they are busy skim coating it with “mud” and will attempt to put a textured ceiling up tomorrow.

And poor John, our carpenter.  He showed up this morning, full of smiles and with his teenage son, and they were going to install the windows, the door, and begin the trim work.  I was gone ALL day with my Sweet Mama and Middle Daughter, but when I came home,  there was one window in that looked “right” enough to say that it was at least “coming along” —




And the other one:

I guess the opening wasn’t “square” and when they put it in, it was “torqued” just enough to break the large window pane.  I didn’t witness this, but I understand he wasn’t very happy when he decided to call it a day and go home.

The garage is rather full of trim pieces that we’ve been staining and varnishing, but they don’t want to dry.

The carpet is back-ordered, and they aren’t sure when it can be installed.

Most of the curtains are also “back ordered!”.

Our sons and their wives are coming in about 10 days.  Our carpenters think we will be done.

I’m not so sure, but I’m hopeful!







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  1. Sorry you had such a mess with that paint. That would be sooo annoying! Hope it all works out well from this point forward and will be done be the time your offspringins come home!

  2. oh dear …hope things improve tomorrow!!!   I am sure when it is all said and done you will be very pleased!

  3. Oh my…it seems like remodeling is almost ALWAYS stressful!!! Hope everything starts easing together quickly from here on out!!

  4. We’ve been through this………..can we say nightmare……..

  5. Good Morning MaryAnn, that is frustrating–especially to the workman. We added on two bedrooms with bath a few years ago. It is like the old Murphy’s Law legend–if anything can go wrong, it will. I was only about eight years old when I decided to never do anything mechanical. lol. I am not mechanical and every time that I have to fix something, my wife suggests that I stay calm, ask God for help, and be patient. Why not just jump off a cliff-it is faster. lolI am sorry you are going through this, but it will get finished and you will enjoy it.Said a prayer for you. I admire your attitude. blessingsfrank

  6. Your add-on looks like it is going to be wonderful!  I know the “ripples” can be vexing – we’ve been building a house for 4 years now, and are still looking at sheetrock walls and ceilings, and plywood flooring!  Since Bill and I don’t live there right now, the finishing is going mighty slowly!God bless you with continued grace and patience!

  7. What a strange thing about the paint.  I have a small patch like that. 

  8. i hope i get to see the finished product in person some day!!!!also, wanted to let you know that i got your card and check in the mail today 🙂 thank you so much! you are such a blessing :)i’m so glad charis liked her mary-janes and hat…did they fit her ok? would love to see a picture :)blessings and love!

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