I feel the coming of spring in the air.  As I sit here and try to type, my stiff, cold fingers keep hitting the wrong keys.  About an hour ago, I got the urge to clean out the containers and flower beds on the northwest side of the house.  I got a big plastic liner that we use for lining a barrel when we have a picnic and began to stuff the dried, dead stems and leaves into it.  It was a wonderful feeling.  I kept thinking about how these beds and containers looked in their prime last summer.  I always enjoy how things turn out, and I have some perennials in those beds that come back every year.  I thought I wanted that bed to be a perennial bed so I wouldn’t have to work so hard at it, but I am finding that I am not completely happy with it.  The lilies are tall and showy and I love their heady fragrance.  But they last only a little bit of time and then they are done for.  And then the stalks stick up in the air and look really, well, “stalky”. 

I looked at some pictures of the bed when it was in full bloom last summer, and it really did look nice.  I guess I will have to think about this for a while.

The real message of this post is that spring is coming!  The daffodils and tulips are up.  The crocuses are blooming.

And Certain Man is making fence.  That’s the real clincher!



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  1. Sounds like spring to me. Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. That’s a start! I am going to church today, I am not contagious and will feel no better by being home than by being in church so that’s my plan.

  3. Ah, spring. Such an irresistable season!! A few green shoots are poking their noses through the ground in some of my gardens as well.

  4. No signs of Spring up here yet. In fact, we had several inches of snow today. Sigh.I had a wonderful weekend as worship leader for the Erisman Mennonite women’s retreat. Finally had time to sit down and talk and cry with your cousin Jean.

  5. I am ready for spring too! We have lots of plans for things to do once the ground dries up a little. I look forward to planting a garden each spring, not much beats fresh vegetables!

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