The ceiling stayed up.


John came and put in all the trim:


The floor got somewhat leveled.

The carpet came in.

And got put down, along with the tile:


The painters came back and touched everything up:

And the room is pretty much done!

(For those of you who can still trace the crack in the picture window — not to worry.  A new one is ordered and will be installed in another week or so.


Thank you, Jesus!  I am so tired I could cry, but so happy I want to dance.

The curtains and the rods are ordered.  Some are here, some are back ordered.
  Somehow it doesn’t really matter too much.
That icky, icky floor is finally covered, and the carpet guys did a wonderful job.

Still no furniture, but Oldest Son has agreed to “help” us shop for some this weekend.
  The boys and their wives are coming this weekend, and my heart sings for joy!

And tonight, just hours after the carpet was finished, Certain Man pushed and pulled the piano into its rightful place,

. . . and our friends gathered in for a small group sing-along followed by a prayer meeting. 

It’s still the thing I like to do best with these gifts that God has entrusted into our care.

What a blessing it is to have friends who love us enough to come. 

It is a gift that I never take for granted.



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  1. The room is lovely! What a fitting way to conclude this remodeling and begin a new venture in this room by having friends in, what could be better than  prayer and a sing-a-long with friends! Actually all that you’ve had done didn’t really take too terribly long did it? No doubt seemed it, but far quicker than many projects I’ve seen done. Conratulations! When the furniture is in place I hope you will get some shots of that to share with us also.

  2. Your room looks so nice.

  3. It looks very nice. I’m sure you will enjoy it!

  4. What would life be like without Friends However it sure would be nice if some of my many Friends would be here tonight to visit. After my 4th treatment and sitting here alone after finishing my laundry and folding my undies–By the way folding my Under Shirts is always the hardest because I have tried so hard to do it like Inez and it just is not possible–Often finding myself weeping because of the delema (sp)————-What room is it in relationship to Milford The one just remolded or built Merle

  5. looking good anxious to see what furniture you put in it!

  6. What made the difference in the ceiling paint to cause it to stick this time?  The room is really lovely, and when I got to the part where you piano was put into place, tears sprang to my eyes!  Silly, I know, but it just blessed me to read that.  I am also blessed by the “christening” of the room with prayer and song.  I know the Lord was, too!Can’t wait to see the furniture and decor coming in!

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