It is the “long looked forward to” weekend.  The sons and their lovely wives are here and I got to skype with Rachel last night.  Raph and Gina went with Certain Man and me to pick out furniture for the living room yesterday, and we actually found the perfect set for our room.  Only problem is, the sales lady tells us that we shouldn’t “hope” for it until early May.  It may come before, but it might not.  Bummer!

In the meantime, today, back at the ranch, Charis and Grammy were making a double layer chocolate cake.  Last night was the night for pie (French Silk Chocolate, Vanilla Crumb and Peanut Butter).  So, knowing that our Daughter in Law, Regina, loves double layer chocolate cake, and pretty much being “pied out” I enticed a rather busy little girlie to climb up on the chair I had placed against the cupboard, and we set to work.

Paying close attention to the task at hand — She isn’t very fond of loud noises like mixers and vacuum sweepers and such, but she is learning.

“Look, Mommy.  Helping!”


And when the work is all done, she surely does love to lick the beaters. 
What a mess she can make, but it still is one of the “sharpest” joys I know-
That of being Charis’ Grammy!



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  1. What a sweetie!  It’s wonderful that you were able to have such a good little helper!I hate that you have to wait for your furniture, but glad you found the one you want!

  2. What precious pictures of a sweet precious girlie with her Grammy! I am glad you were able to choose what  furniture you wanted, how exciting? What all did you select?

  3. I know what you mean about joys. I have four boys here this week while their parents are on a business trip to New Orleans. Charis is so cute.

  4. What a helper!  If she is like my grandchildren, licking the beaters is the sweet ending to a great time with Grammy.   Charis is a little doll!

  5. nice grandma time for both of you!

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