We are making progress!!!

Certain Man had off today, and he helped to hang curtains, clocks and miscellaneous wall decor.  Here is a peek at our “temporary” furniture arrangements on the one side of the living room.  (We are still waiting on some sheers for the double window towards the South West, as well as our couch and love seat.)

This is the living room tonight in the evening light:


Here is the “piano corner” pretty much as we plan to leave it:


And two other shots in some differing lights:


The room is a large room, and this corner is probably less than 1/6 of the total space.

I will try to post more  as we make progress!



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  1. The top picture is so peaceful.. love it

  2. So lovely!  To sit in the chair listening to soft piano music is a beautiful thought right now!

  3. It looks so inviting. Makes me want to drop by and chat with you!  😉

  4. Looks lovely! I can hardly wait to see the rest once you get the rest of your furniture. It so doesn’t look like the same room as before.

  5. Very homey and inviting, I must say!!

  6. A heap of living has gone on in that room and a heap more of living will go on there. I’m sure God is smiling down just knowing all the living, loving and blessing that will happen there. Thanks for sharing the pics. I’ll look forward to stopping in soon and seeing it in real. Love You. ~Polly~

  7. The new living room looks fantastic. I like the navy vallances. What color sofa did you order? Can’t wait to come over and chat with you.

  8. That looks like such a comfortable room. It has been so interesting watching the progress!

  9. looking good !!!  I am very interested to see your choice of new  furnishings!!

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