An afternoon with our Love Bug


The afternoon from the viewpoint of Love Bug . . .

Grammy got me a new apron.
She bought it with a gift card from a fund raiser from Quentin Taray’s school.
It is big and waterproof and it will fit me for a long, long time. 
I can play in the water at Grammy’s sink all I want! 
(Well, as long as I don’t deliberately pour water on the cupboard or floor.  Then Grammy frowns and makes me get down.)

Today in the morning, I was running down the sidewalk when Daddy and Mommy took me for a walk.
My toe caught in the sidewalk, and down I went, Kershlam!
Do you see my ouchie right below my nose?
I’m trying to point at it, but my aim is just a little off.
I heard Mommy tell Grammy that I was “insulted.”
I’m not sure what “insulted” means, but it sure did hurt to be insulted!

Grammy promised that I could help her make bread.
I really don’t like getting my fingers all goey, though.
It causes me to fling dough around in an energetic manner.
That makes Grammy say things I don’t appreciate,
Like “Charis, you can’t fling the dough.  It gets all over Grammy’s things.
Try to not shake your hands when you have dough all over them.”
Grammy helped me rub the wet dough off with dry bread flour.
That worked pretty well.
I actually thought that maybe this dough would be good to eat.
But after tasting it, I told Grammy, “Yucky!!!”

There was some extra dough somehow,
so Grammy sat me in my high chair and gave it to me to play with.
It was enough to make my own little loaf of bread.
I squished it and ate some and mixed some strange things into it.
But Grammy said all the germs would be killed in the baking.
She had a small pan for me to put it into, and she shaped it
and poked it with a fork, and after her bread was baked,
she put it into the oven and baked it for me.
Then we put it into its own little bag and I took it home with me.

We stopped to see Pappy and Achie Bontrager on the way home,
and I chased the cat around and around and built a tower with Pappy
and played and played.
So I was really, really tired.
And I went to sleep really, really fast when I got home.
Being a grandbaby is hard work!

Tomorrow, I want to go down to Grammy’s house and
see Auntie Beebs!


(I think she brought me something from Thailand ’cause I’m her favorite niece!)



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10 responses to “An afternoon with our Love Bug

  1. This is such a sweet post! Charis really isn’t a baby any more. I can see why she loves to come to Grammy’s house! I believe that she is a favorite grandchild too!

  2. Your little lovebug is sure adorable!

  3. soooo sweet……..she reminds me soooo much of my grandkiddo!  Growing up fast. 

  4. This is precious! Very clever little girl to make such a nice post. I particularly like “It causes me to fling dough around in an energetic manner”. “Energetic manner no doubt was an understatement. Great post. Glad to know your daughter is home safely.

  5. Claris is one little blessed gal! I love the “playing in the sink” idea. Did your little love bug take her little loaf of bread home with her?

  6. How much fun!  I get to see my own little love bugs next week, and I can’t wait!

  7. Sweet! It sounds like Charis and her grammy had a great day! And let’s see…is it Charis or Grammy who is more excited about Aunt Beebs’ return??

  8. this was so cute to read 🙂 Helps brighten my day!

  9. Ahhhhh, what a nice entry, Love Bug!  You are so lucky to have a Gammy that lets you help and learn so much.  How was that bread you made?

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