Update on Mama


Just a quick update to let you know that Mama said she had a better day today than yesterday.  She is still uncomfortable, and would really like to come home to a recliner and the familiar things, but the hospital isn’t backing down on letting her come home any time soon.  They did an ultrasound today of her kidneys and bladder and she has a kidney stone.  It is small, and they don’t think it is obstructing anything, but I wonder if that is what is causing the pain.  They are planning to do a CAT scan for further diagnostic purposes.  She is so “weak” she says and the slightest exertion makes her feel exhausted.  Deborah says that we need to insist on some physical therapy.  As of now, she is pretty much just in her bed and that worries Deborah.  I guess we will see what they have to say about that on Monday morning.

We had a funeral today, and I had a house full of company tonight,  so I didn’t get in to the hospital until after nine.  I was there until eleven, and I do feel like Mama is coming along, but there continues to be bumps in the road.  Out of the blue tonight she said, “I wonder how Grandpa and Grandma (her parents) are doing.”  I must have looked surprised and worried because she hastened to add, “I mean, up there.  I wonder how they are getting along Up There.” 

I said, “Well, Mama, you know they are getting along just fine.  No trouble up there!”

“Well, yes, I guess that’s right.”  she said a bit pensively.  I decided not to pursue that line of thought right then. (But the sudden comment left me a little uneasy, to say the least.)

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.  It helps to “smooth the rugged road!” 


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9 responses to “Update on Mama

  1. Sounds like you have your hands full, MaryAnn.  I hope your Mother will soon be better.  Love you!

  2. Praying so hard for your mama and you all! (((warm hugs)))

  3. My heart is right there with you, Mary Ann. We have been walking an unexpected journey with Dick’s dad the past four weeks as well.

  4. We’re praying for your dear mama!

  5. I appreciate the update. I hope she soon fully recovers and that she can be pain free.

  6. So sorry about your mama.  It’s tough! My mom often says things like that.  She will just out of the blue say “I wonder what they are doing up there!”  She also tells people she can’t wait to dance with Jesus!  At first it made me feel kind of funny, but then I thought of all the friends and family she has up there and realized so much of her world is already there…even more so with your mom!  Not long ago she said she just doesn’t have many friends anymore.  It broke my heart but I told her it’s because she has so many friends that are already in heaven.  Alma S. was one of her best friends and we talk about her being up there. I am realizing that the closer it gets the more one thinks about it.  Sort of like a trip you know you will take in the far off future…the closer it gets, the more you think about it and wonder..I know your mom is getting excellent care from you and the rest of your family…she is very blessed.

  7. Mary Ann, thanks for the update. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers. May the grace of our God sustain you through this time!

  8. Just to give you a bit of encouragement, it is VERY common for hospital stays to have a negative affect on elderly folks’ minds.  Our doctor calls it “cabin fever”, and both my parents had mental/memory problems while in the hospital that went away after a couple of days back at home.  Also, I agree that physical therapy is a good idea.  At their age, lost muscle tone is VERY difficult to recoup!  Even bed exercises of her legs and arms would help!  I hope this doesn’t sound like I am a know-it-all or anything – I don’t mean to be that way at all.  I am praying for you all as you care for your Mama, and for her as she faces these new issues in her life.Nina

  9. PT would get her out of bed and keep atrophy from setting in.  I agree with Deborah.  It takes only 72 hours for muscles to lose strength.  It does sound like she is doing better for which you must be grateful.  I will keep her in my prayers still.

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