Mama’s Coming Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was at the hospital all morning, hoping to catch up with Mama’s doctor — and when he finally came in, he said that she can go home.

Today, if they can get all the arrangements in place. 

She will need an oral antibiotic for a few more days, but all cultures, blood and urine, are negative and he thinks she is good to go!  They are arranging “in home” physical therapy, but at least she will be with family in somewhat familiar surroundings. 

She is going to come to our house for now.  Daniel and I are going away over Mother’s Day weekend, Lord Willing, so this gives us a few weeks to see how things are going and maybe by then she will be able to be back at her own little house.  (With some security measures in place, to be certain!) 

Thanks for all the prayers, visits, cards, care and concern.  She has a ways to go yet, and we feel a need for your continued interest.  Don’t hesitate to call.  I’ve been so glad to talk to those of you who have called.  Thanks again!

And for those of you who may have worried about me after my last post — I’m sorry if I caused undo alarm.  Sometimes I am feeling something intently and God ministers to my heart in a specific way, and I share all about it and then go away and don’t come back until evening and realize that things may have sounded more intense than I realized or intended.  I hope people don’t hesitate to call or visit when Mama is here.  It’s a wonderful privilege to have her with us.



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3 responses to “Mama’s Coming Home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. I am so glad she is doing this well and can come to your home! BEG I think we all use Xanga to express ourselves and maybe often feel we should have not said things but you are among friends here and we all love you and we all do the same thing one in a while. I am so happy your mother is recovering!

  2. Hurray! I know you are so relieved to have her home.  It is a step bound to make her improve even faster.  Never worry about what you post.  As Lucy said, we all express ourselves openly and that is the beauty of the site. 

  3. I am finally catching up on my friends blogs, and was surprised to read about you mother. Let her know that we are praying that God will give her peace and strength – and the same to you as well.With lots of love,Doris

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