Oh, Dear!


I had a comment from @earthmechanic wondering if I hadn’t gotten my Aunt Orpha and My Sweet Mama mixed around when I labeled this picture in my Reunion post.  Lo, and behold!  I HAD!!!  So, just in case some of you were thoroughly confused, and others of you too polite to tell me and (and probably others of you that never even noticed) — HERE is the corrected list with the same picture — and I still think it is the rightest of right pictures.  I fiercely love these eight people — especially the one all the way to the end on the right in the front row, but every single one of the others, for sure.




My Sweet Mama’s siblings are all still living.
In fact, the only one missing from even the spouses is my Daddy.
In the back, from left to right:
Aunt Gladys (Married to Jesse Yoder) Dover, DE
Aunt Alma Jean (Married to Harvey Yoder) Harrisonburg, VA
Aunt Freda (Married to Vernon Zehr) Greenwood, DE
Aunt Ruth Ann (Married to Allan Shirk) Lancaster, PA
Front Row, Same direction:
Uncle Lloyd (Married to Beverly Shriner) Gap, PA
Uncle Harold (Married to Mary Hepner) Lititz, PA
Aunt Orpha (Married to Lloyd Gingrich) Richfield, PA
My Sweet Mama (Married to the late Mark Yoder, Sr.) Greenwood, DE


(Thank you, Merle.  I sincerely appreciate it!)



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5 responses to “Oh, Dear!

  1. They do look a lot alike!  LOL

  2. Thank you for sharing! What a lovely group of family members!

  3. You know, I wondered when I looked at it, but not really knowing your family well, thought that I must have been the mistaken one!

  4. This is so precious. My Daddy had 4 brothers, and they and their wives were so close.  This photo so reminds me of the many, many pics they took together over the years.  They are all gone now except 2 of the precious sisters-in-law. Cherish them while they are here, as I know you do!!

  5. I don’t know your family, but I did notice simply because of who you said your mother was in other pics,  but just didn’t say!

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