Here We Sit With Our Red Faces . . .

So Certain Man and his wife have been rather running on the smatterings of almost no energy since the departure of Marty and Diane Wenger yesterday morning.  We had had a wonderful July 4th picnic, but the older we get, the longer it takes to recuperate.  There was the usual work for Certain Man, and small mountains of laundry — sheets and towels and regular family laundry to do, as well as getting picnic things washed up and put away.  Yesterday was a day when there was almost NO REST for the weary. 

And today has been a busy day.  Romey, the neighbor boy was here, and Mama needed a prescription, and it was my regular day to go to her house to do bookwork.  I felt all day like I could hardly go another step, but there was always something else that kept me going.  And then, too, all day long I’ve been thinking in terms of Small Group.  Middle Daughter, home for the day, had picked up the living room, straightened the house and worked on the last few loads of laundry left over from yesterday.  Then this afternoon, I realized that my dryer was not behaving, so I got my stick of great length, put  a plastic drum liner down on the ground, and crawled part ways under the deck, and poked around in there for some great expenditure of energy that I didn’t have, trying to get it to shorten its four hour drying cycle into something more acceptable.  Then I got supper over early for a change, and made apple crisp and got the questions ready for the DVD — and nobody came and nobody came and nobody came.

“This is really strange,” I thought.  “I know that our group is often a little tardy in coming, but this is REALLY late, even for them!” 

Certain Man was out and about, fixing a water line in the chicken house, and finally, I decided to check the bulletin.

“Maybe,” I thought, “there was something in there about not having small group since there was a visiting speaker on Sunday, and the picnic on Monday.”  So I went back into my e-mails, and found Sunday’s bulletin, and lo!  And behold!  There WASN’T small group.  Nope.  There was PRAYER MEETING AT CHURCH!!!  In charge of Dave Hertzler.  At 7:00.  Oh, dear.  And it was now 7:30.  I went out and found Certain Man coming in, all confused as to why no one was here yet.

“I kept watching,” he said, “to see if anyone was here, but nobody came.  I couldn’t figure it out!  Finally decided that I better come in and find out what was going on!”

“There’s no small group!”  I told him, and filled in the details.

Talk about embarrassment!  We honestly don’t believe in just “missing” prayer meeting.  Middle Daughter thinks it’s the funniest thing of all time.  She has laughed and laughed at these two “old people.” 

“NOT FUNNY!!!” I tell her.

She is not convinced. 

And now I will tell you what I think.  I think maybe, just MAYBE I needed this quiet evening at home.  I am sorry I missed going to church but maybe that is better than going and sleeping through the service.

Sweet dreams, dear friends.  I’m going to try to make up for some of the sleep I lost.


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11 responses to “Here We Sit With Our Red Faces . . .

  1. It IS funny! it really is! (I’ll say sorry tomorrow) But I think you absolutely deserve that rest. Sleep good tonight.

  2. Oh, I love that! It sounds like something I would do.

  3. I think God knew you would need this quiet evening, so He made sure you didn’t find out about the change of plans ahead of time. So rest well, my dear. There is no condemnation.

  4. I’m with the set who thinks this is funny – although it would happen to me. Oh yes, it would! I’ve lost my keys about three times tonight – and I’m not one to loose my keys. I forget all manner of things, but I don’t tend to loose my keys. Not so today! So I laugh very good naturedly for sure!

  5. Still laughing down here!! Isn’t God good to give us some nice rest when we need it and make it a funny story to tell too!

  6. i’m sorry. i found this to be totally funny too…and how cool of you to let us in on it! 🙂

  7. Thanks for sharing this experience. As I laugh I am thinking I am glad it isn’t just me that things like this happens to.

  8. I am so glad you got to rest last night.  It makes me kind of sad that you went to all the trouble for small group, but so blessed for you that the Lord provided a way for you to rest.  Hope you are feeling great today!

  9. Hi Mary Ann,  Isn’t this the way things go when our plates are just too full!?!  Relax, it’s OK to make mistakes and it’s OK to skip prayer meeting to rest if you need it!  I’m very sympathetic–life can get hectic here at times, too.  What a gracious hostess you always are!  Now just take care of yourself so your family can have you around for a long time!Lots of love,Ruby

  10. Yes, relax, dear Mary.  You’ve been so busy!  Love ya.

  11. I’m really sorry, but I think this is hilarious!

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