It is Autumn at Shady Acres.  There are candles on the table and they are burning!

But these candles are forced to run a tough obstacle course.

There is a little girlie who loves to blow out the candles:



The only problem was — this Grammy didn’t watch closely enough,
and, sure enough, she got that beautiful hair too close.

How great was the consternation and wailing and this Grammy’s guilt.

But her Mama assured me that she would be okay, that she was, in fact, quickly to sleep.

The hair, not too damaged, and the quarter-sized red spot on her cheek looking better.

I guess this Grammy learned her lesson. 

Even when their enthusiasm seems careful enough, it probably isn’t.

Even when you think you are watching with impeccable carefulness, you probably aren’t.

And when something happens that you regret, the truth is,

The little ones forgive you better than you forgive yourself.



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  1. I remember when Marlisa was prolly 3, she was always right up helping me with cooking and baking.  She got her hand on the burner  😦  She carried a sippy cup full of ice for a long while.  I sure felt bad too!!!

  2. Oh my, how upsetting for you. She’ll forget this….yes and you will never forget it…that’s how we are isn’t it? I’ve had things like that happen and everyone has. Otherwise my friend I hope you folks are well.

  3. This week I read someones blog and the lady said her husbands comment when he came into her house filled with fall candles burning was, “It smells like Gatlinburg in here.”. I have a feeling that Shady Acres smells like Gatlinburg as well.

  4. I am trying to get up the gumption to decorate for Fall, but the temp was 104 Wednesday, and yesterday was 96!  And oh, it’s so dry here!  It already looks like our winter!I understand how you felt when your grandbaby got burned.  As others have said, it does happen to all of us as mothers and grandmothers!  One thing that may come of it – she may have a better appreciation of how hot candle wax is, and become even more careful!Your candle decoration is beautiful, BTW.

  5. I still remember how I felt when I let my first grand-baby sled into some weeds that cut his face and I had to take him to the Dr. for stitches. He was about 2 at the time. So sad. That must have been almost 30 years ago. Glad your little one is going to be all right.

  6. I really enjoy fall!  and one of the reasons is candles and spicy candle scents!  The hair in the candle happened to my sister Novalee’s Morgan this past winter.  She Has short fluffy , curly hair and she did not even realize it.  We were having a church social and one of the older girls saw it happen and was able to put it out almost immediately with her hand.  Her hair was really singed but she was not really hurt.  She cried quite a bit I guess all of us getting excited as we saw it happening was a little truamatic for her!

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