It’s been a busy day at Shady Acres.  For the past two days, our church has hosted a food/rest/pottybreak stop for Black Rock’s Bike-a-thon.  (See here:  What a great time it was, and the event is so well planned, down to the way the food stops are handled, it was a joy to be a part of it.

Yesterday, there were about 50 bikers that stopped at our little country church.  Gary Burlingame and I stayed for the entire time, and Christina with Charis and Deborah and Certain Man all did some helping, too.

This morning, the co-coordinator felt it would be wise for someone to be there somewhat ahead of time, and so I went up around 9:30 and set up what we had, just in case there were some early birds.  It was cold and overcast, and no one came early.

Pretty sparse fare at this point — just bananas and cookies
and, in the cooler, chocolate milk.

But with cookies like this, who needs much else?
Dave and Ilva came to be our church’s volunteers for the day,
And wouldn’t you know, I didn’t get a picture of them!
I am so grateful for their help today,
because it meant that I could go home after things were set up.


 Then the food wagon got there, and there were wonderful things to choose from.


These were the Black Rock “Foodies” for our station.
Jon and Rose Diener. 
Wonderfully organized, helpful and cheerful.


Pretty soon, the bikers started pulling in.


There were lots of stories and note comparing and encouraging words.


This is a mother and son team that were doing the ride today.
I think he said that he is 13, and this is his second year to ride.
After the first riders came through,
I left the Bike-a-thon in the capable hands of the team that was there
and came home to my waiting chores.


I had LOTS of relish waiting. 
I had gotten a batch into jars and sealed before I left,
but I had two more to go.  What a wonderful feeling!
39 pints (in 45 jars).  All sealed.

But then I kept thinking about how I had checked my Lima Beans
yesterday, and they were in dire need of picking.  So around six,
I went out and picked lima beans.  I got about 3/4 of a bucket.
Middle Daughter, home from her trip to the Baltic Sea, helped me shell them.

I washed them, blanched them, and got them into the freezer.
Four more bags!  Total now is 30 bags.

While I was picking the beans, though, I noticed a wonderful thing.
There are beans hanging on those vines in unbelievable numbers!
If we don’t get frost for a few more weeks,
I should have a couple of really good pickings left!
Even though it means lots and lots of work, I am so happy!
There really is nothing quite like Delaware Lima Beans.





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  1. We live in an area VERY popular with bicyclists – kinda drives us crazy when we’re on the way somewhere and they don’t “share the road”!  But Bill has gotten some really great photos of them during one big ride.Your beans and canning look wonderful!  I wish ANYONE else in my family liked Lima beans besides me!

  2. You my friend are one busy gal and you accomplish so much in one day! Your larder will be well stocked for winter that’s for sure. Iowa has several bike rides with the biggest RAGBRAI. The Register’s Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa.Several times it has crossed our area and our church also supplied a stopping point with much food etc. A very big event.I hope you have a good day today!

  3. What a great thing for your church to do. I love fresh lima beans.

  4. That does sound like a busy day. I love lima beans – Pennsylvania or Delaware. 🙂

  5. Your lima beans make my mouth water. I planted some this year, but they didn’t come up. My 2 year old loves to watch storylineonline, a free website of books being read for children. One of the stories is A Bad Case of Stripes, about a girl who loves lima beans but doesn’t want anyone else to know, because that wouldn’t be cool. I had never served lima beans until one day not too long ago when they showed up in a bag of mixed veggies I had purchased. Priya recognized them immediately from the story, and promptly decided she likes them. Now, if I could just convince Dwight!

  6. I’m pretty sure Dick’s brother Steve and his son Joe were on that bike trip. I wonder if they stopped in at your church.Those lima beans totally make me hungry. I haven’t tasted good, tender home-grown limas in years.

  7. Good Morning, MaryAnn. I can see that the Bike-a-thon was a big success and that they enjoyed this stop. My doctor advised me yesterday to stop my newly started bike riding for medical reasons. I am back to walking. I thought it was nice that a son and mom were bike riding.You reminded me of my mom and all of her canning when I was a kid. I was born in 1933 to a 39 year old gal–my mother. lol She refused to admit that I was an accident. She canned lot of fruit, jellies, and vegetables for the winter. Her canned food really tasted good. She made too much and we had some over 2 years old.Have a nice weekend. My wife and I start our first vacation together in 5 years. Long story.blessings,FRANK

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