What motivates the frantic gathering and harboring of food when there is a crowd of people?

What makes them plan ahead and ask for the leftovers to take home before the meal even begins?

What is it that spurs them on to ask if they can “Fix plates for Mom and Dad” before the line is even through?

And why the brown paper bag, stuffed full of all the gleanings from the table at the end of the night?

Lord Jesus, what is it that motivates ‘Our Kids?’  These kids that don’t belong to us at all,
and yet ‘belong’ to our church family and Daniel and me in ways the we don’t really comprehend?
Is there a threat waiting for them behind that stark, grubby door
(inside which I am seldom allowed)? 
Or is it soul hunger that gnaws away at their hearts and tells them that there will
No matter how hard they try.
Never enough food.
Never enough creature comforts.
Never enough energy to meet their emotional needs.
Never enough resources to meet their physical needs.
Never enough security.

Never enough love.
Lord Jesus, once again, my heart cries out to you for the children.
Could you build a protective wall around them?
And costly though that may be, may we count the cost,
and may we be found inside that wall.
Where it counts.
Where we can be found by them.
So YOU can make a difference.



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  1. Agreeing in prayer with you. 

  2. So sad. I add my voice to your prayer.

  3. Your comments about their desire to have food to take home reminded me so much about the things I’ve heard about this book:http://www.amazon.com/Framework-Understanding-Poverty-Ruby-Payne/dp/1929229488/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1317338861&sr=8-1I want to read, or at least skim through it, at some point. There is so much for me to learn as I live and love the people around me!

  4. Our church has a bus ministry(Sunday School)and when we have a fellowship meal,the community children stay for lunch.Many of them,also want to fill plates to take home.I know there are many”needs”in their homes.Very interesting observation!

  5. Free food has always been a major attraction.

  6. This is very insightful! It is a truth that if one is hungry, you can’t hear the Gospel! Feed them that they may hear!

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