I said I wasn’t giving any more updates —

But this just came through on our Family network:

“We’ve said goodbye to Merlin. We believe that he is at this moment exploring the back roads of heaven with Jesus. Or maybe he’s swimming the river of life from one end to the other. He might have even convinced his dad to take a bike ride with him, trying out his new body.

We talked to the neurologist around 8:00 and received the results of the CT scan and the EEG. The doctor told us that the CT scan shows signs of lack of oxygen to the brain. The EEG showed slow brain activity. He says that the tests paint a grim picture.

Although we are celebrating that Merlin is alive and well in heaven, we are grieving being away from him. We are so sad. And the hurt is so deep.

Keep on praying. We are not standing in our own strength. Your support has been overwhelming. We’ll let you know our plans when we know them. Our headlights aren’t shining too far ahead at this point.”

I feel like my heart is going to break.  I am so very sad for his family . . . for this old world.  There are so few fine men — and he was one fine man.  

Healer of our every ill
Light of each tomorrow
give us peace beyond our fear
and hope beyond our sorrow.



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  1. I am so very sorry for this loss in your family!!!

  2. I  am sorry to hear of the loss in your famliy our thoughts and prayers are with you

  3. So sorry…I pray God’s presence may be felt strong and sure in your family.

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