It’s Monday morning.  The sun is streaming into the large window in our family room.  Certain Man is off today.  I am so comforted by these Mondays that he has off.  Especially this Monday, when I have been so sick for four days (and now am feeling better). 

It’s a good way to lose weight — nine pounds in four days — but I feel as weak as a kitten.  This stomach virus was a vicious thing.  Although I had my flu shot weeks ago, I wonder if it was a strain of the flu or if it is just one of those things that descended upon me and was intensified by stress.  Fever of 101 and nausea and vomiting– and running to the loo every little bit is no fun at all.  But I awoke this morning feeling so much better, and that is a blessing, indeed.  It also is a blessing that I have a great helper to fill in for me when I can’t be what I need to be.  Middle Daughter has capably filled the place I have with the ladies — and I am so grateful for her help. 

(Now later!) I am also grateful for a call from Dr. Killeen’s office this morning saying that the suspicious area is a cyst.  One they want to keep an eye on, but one that is definitely a cyst.  I need a repeat mammo in three months, but my sense of relief is great, indeed.  If my stomach felt better, I’d be dancing!  But instead, I guess I will plod along and see what I can accomplish here on a Monday morning regular schedule. Laundry.  Tidying. Planning the week ahead, and planning for the holiday next week.  Family will be home — all of them, Lord Willing, and I am so looking forward to it.  Certain Man’s sister is coming from San Diego, and that is always such a wonderful time.  We have some plans and she has some plans, and we shall need to make them work together.

Hope all of you out there in Xanga land have a blessed day, and that the season ahead is one of grateful praise!  Thank you so much for your prayers, your calls, your private letters.  I have such a wealth in the friends that God has given me, and I am humbled and grateful and so, so Blessed!


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  1. So sorry you got attacked by the stomach bug!  But very happy to hear that you had a good report from the doctor.  What a mercy!Enjoy your Monday with your Certain Man!  My man left this morning and won’t be back until Thursday night~ ((sad)) but we are thankful for his good job, even though he has travel at times.xoxo

  2. Sorry your flu bug was so mean and nasty to you! Glad your test shows nothing serious! Enjoy your time with CM.

  3. Hoping you are feeling even better this morning…….

  4. I have neglected my Xanga and missed your scare and bout with the flu.  I, too, wish you a happy time with your family for Thanksgiving.  It is a blessing to have them all there with you and Certain Man.

  5. Yeah, sorry about the stomach flu. I always get a flu shot, but still get the flu twice a year.Hope you are doing well,FRANK

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