In the quiet of this evening
as I look back over the day
I realize that there has been
The Joy
that has been so elusive over these last months
walking this day with me.

My heart rejoices.

It’s been too long.

The sorrow has been so deep.

The Joy so elusive.

But tonight
thanks to the prayers of gals who love me
and the mercy of our Heavenly Father
some extra sleep
some answered prayers
and some accomplished tasks —

I feel the stirrings of joy,

and I give grateful praise.

I know, I know.

The Joy is not dependent on circumstance.
(at least it shouldn’t be)

But sometimes hope comes wrapped in understandable packages

And the hope gives The Joy free reign.


On another note . . .

I do hope my sweet Mama won’t be angry at me for putting this picture on–
but if you could say a prayer for my Sweet Mama, it would be appreciated.
She has caught some sort of bug–flu or upper respiratory infection — and is really miserable.
The doctor doesn’t think it is terribly serious,
But she could still use your prayers.



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  1. I pray your Mother soon recovers from this.I really like your “But sometimes hope comes wrapped in understandable packages”, very good way of looking at things. Glad you are doing well my friend.

  2. Rejoicing with you and praying for your sweet mama.

  3. I so understand your thoughts. I call it “The Magic of Ordinary Days”.  The joy sneaks back in through rest and the Holy Spirit’s ministering. So glad you are feeling better.I will be praying for your Sweet Mama – that bug can just be miserable!

  4. hope does spring joy…….praying for your momma

  5. Trustinghisheart couldn’t have stated it better and I agrre with her. Bless your dear Mama!

  6. Isn’t it so amazingly wonderful to realize that joy has returned? What a blessing. I pray it visits often until it can come to stay.

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