All these days . . .

My favorite picture from this day — Middle Daughter reads Christmas stories to The Kids

In other news:

The village is up, and Certain Man has the best Christmas Village EVER!:







And the manger scenes are up, too.
This is one that my family has termed the most unusual.
It comes from Central America and is made entirely from seed pods.
I LOVE it!


And this one,  (below) Deborah brought home from Estonia.
It is all fabric and softness and roly poly people.
It made me feel so happy the first time I saw it,
and it continues to cheer my heart every time I look at it.
THANKS, Beebs!

It is largely Deborah’s doings that the decorating got done this year.  I just didn’t have the heart to decorate the way I usually do.  But she plowed ahead with things until I finally got with the program, and I am really pleased with how she arranged things.

Which brings me to another thing — we really are glad when there are friends who stop by to enjoy the village and to visit the manger(s).
You can call ahead, or you can stop by on whim.
There’s hot chocolate and freshly made party mix. 
We’d be so glad to have you!


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9 responses to “All these days . . .

  1. So beautiful, what a nice post! I also like very much the writing above the windows! Lovely festive pictures. Sure wish I could join you for that party mix and that hot chocolate.

  2. I love how intently the little guy on the left is looking at the book. The Christmas village looks wonderful.

  3. I was thinking about you this week and wondered if the village was up. It always fascinates me. I would love to come see it in detail.

  4. The Christmas village is amazing!

  5. I had to bring my Dannye Reigh upstairs to look on my computer – I just had to show her this village!!  It is amazing!  Just so ya know, if I lived even within 100 miles of you, I’d have to come see your decorations, but mostly to visit YOU!  I hope your spirits continue to be lifted – I know how difficult it is after all you’ve been through this year.  May our precious Heavenly Father bless you with JOY this season!

  6. It sure looks neat. The miles are too many between here and there for a visit though.

  7. It all looks so very pretty. I am pretty sure a person could look at the village all day and still not see all the details that are bound to be displayed there. Love the manger scenes also. Hot chocolate and party mix ~ sounds like you are prepared! Be blessed.

  8. I wish I lived close enough to stop by!

  9. Wish we could come see the Christmas Village. It sure looks interesting from the pictures!

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