Annual Bible Study Gals’ Christmas Dinner, 2011

We got together in The Gathering Place at Laws Mennonite Church.
What a great time we had!
These gals and their families light up my life!

Queena  Mast, her husband Ethan, with Dorie and James


Normie Stutzman, her husband James and Alex


April Garthwaite, her husband, Kent, with Daniel, Sarah, Hannah and Victoria


Bethany Simpson, her husband, Craig, and Lizzy, Colby, Ryan, Emily and Jeni


Jessica Burkholder with husband, Davey and Katie


Cherise Campbell with Bryan, Shamar and Rodney


Dana Boreli  with husband, Dave, and Danika, Derick and Delaney


Kathleen Maurice with Son, Amani (Husband, Blaize, was working)


Christina Bontrager, with Husband, Jesse, and Charis

Random shots later —


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  1. Very very nice! Love the wreath as a background for these lovely families.

  2. Oh how fun to see pictures of all these people that I know! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Mary Dear, all I can think about is how you have blessed and had such a sweet impact on these girls. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

  4. Enjoyed the pictures! I know most of these girls. I’m sure you’ve been a positive influence in there lives.

  5. I was going to stop in on my way to work that night but I guess I was too early. The church was dark, dark…I know who my favorite people are… but it is such a blessing to have these dear ladies be together in this way..And Bless you, too.

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