Our girlie spent eight hours in the chair today,
but maintains that it was worth it!

This morning, she got a ride with Mr. Daniel, on his way to work.

Tonight, I picked her up–
and forgot to take a picture with my camera
But I did get one with my phone . . .

To say that she was pleased would be an understatement.
She is one happy girl!
(As is her Mama — )

. . . and I think she is as pretty as a princess.
Thank you, every one who has been a part of this:
Hairdresser, Denita Miller.
Then: Middle Daughter, Deborah, for the bulk of the financial investment.
Jimmy and Emma Patterson, who told us about Denita.
People who gave advice, prayed for this endeavor, and cheered us on.

. . . and a Father God, who engineered the whole thing.



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3 responses to “

  1. Beauty is shining! So glad you could make this happen for the young lady.

  2. What a GIFT on so many levels for that little girl. I pray rich blessings on all of you who helped to bring this about.

  3. She looks so pretty, and happy.

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