Muffie Gets her turn

When her big sister got her hair done, Muffie was almost unable to stand it.
I “bought” a stay of tantrum by promising to braid her hair the next time she came to our house.
Her mama said that she couldn’t have braids and beads because it cut her hair off the last time she had that.
I told Muffie that I would French braid it for her. She couldn’t wait to get started.


It really was a mop of hair.  I sorted and combed and divided and




eventually, Conquered!


She was so tickled with it — though she actually didn’t know what a “French Braid” was.
I had hoped to do it in a crown, but she has too many short hairs around her neck to make that feasible. 
So I settled for two French braids with the ends tucked up. 


Mya is still happy with hers.


Here the four of them are this evening. 

What a day!

This old lady is ready for bed!





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7 responses to “Muffie Gets her turn

  1. We are always ‘conquering’ mops of hair around here as my two daughters have been blessed with hair identical to your pictures!! I actually took a class on managing their hair because my oldest daughter has quite a headful! Thank you so much for blessing these girls with beautiful hairdos!!! I know it meant so much to them.

  2. I love Muffie’s ‘do!  She does look pleased as punch!

  3. How nice of you! Both girls look great!

  4. That was quite an undertaking! Blessings on you, Mary Ann, for the way you have blessed those girls. Caring for Destiny’s hair has been a huge issue through the years. It has always been long and thick and tangled, and she would scream like I was killing her when I would try to brush it out. This year she has discovered the miracle that a flat iron can do. I bought her one for Christmas, and she likes to take care of her own hair now. A HUGE relief for this grandma when she comes to visit!

  5. You tell them that I think they are ALL quite gorgeous! Well, Jerry is handsome! đŸ™‚ Thanks for all you do for them!

  6. I not only see a conquering of hair but a loving of hearts! You are a dear!

  7. You are such a blessing to this family!My God grant you strength,wisdom and grace to continue!

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