Monday Morning Eggs and Pork . . .


Youngest daughter,  Rachel, with the mother of my “Faraway Daughter” Yajaira Ruiz.  Hortencia came this morning with egg and sausage — a Mexican dish that Rachel loves.  She also brought cheese tortillas.  She laughed and hugged Rachel, and wiped tears, and hugged Rachel, chatted brightly with Deborah and Rach, and sometimes turned to wipe those tears, and then went away.  I thought about the fact that it has been over four years since she could hug her Youngest Daughter, and now, I’m crying, too.  I could almost promise you that there are tears falling in that trailer across the lane where a Mama, who loves her girlie as much as I love mine, is once again reminded that immigration (and its complications) is far more than a legal issue.

Ah, my Lupe-girl.  How very much your family has paid for choices made — not only BY them, but FOR them.



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3 responses to “Monday Morning Eggs and Pork . . .

  1. I don’t know the details of this situation, but it is such a heart breaking thing to be separated from your children!  Thankful she has your Rachel to hug on.

  2. That is sad. Missa and Lupe used to be buddies. I remember her so tiny and cute. hard to believe she is grown up and married living so far away. I am having Immigration issues. The USA doesn’t have a very good immigration system to help them and people pay for it.

  3. We have friends whose daughter is married to a Mexican man. He is having a hard time with immigration issues. She’s living at home with her parents, and he’s in Mexico.

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