New Wrenters

A few weeks ago, before surgery, I purchased this hanging fuchsia from my favorite greenhouse:

I have been so happy with it, as it promises to be an attractive and prolifically blooming addition to the front of our garage.
I placed it between the two doors, and have watered it faithfully.

About a week ago, I thought it looked like there was something strange in the top of it, and I put my hand in there and came up with an egg.  I quickly but it back, and came in to try to find out what kind of bird it was.  I thought it might be a Carolina Wren, but I wasn’t certain.  When I called Daniel to tell him that I had picked an egg out of the planter, he was not very happy.  He loves the different nesting birds around Shady Acres and he was quite certain that if I had touched the egg, the mama bird would not come back.  I didn’t want the bird in that particular location because watering the plant was going to be a problem with a nest in the top of it.  I waited a couple of days, and decided to gently take the planter down to look at what was happening.  When I lifted it off the hook, a very startled Mama Wren took off, and inside, I found four eggs.

I cut a slit in the side of the bag so I could water without disturbing her, and it seems to be working out okay.  She stays put through almost anything–
(Except a camera appearing over the edge!)

This makes me so happy!




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5 responses to “New Wrenters

  1. What a wonderful surprise.

  2. I agree ! What a nice surprise–a nest with a family in your basket–fun to watch them grow !!!

  3. Your hubby may not want to try this, but wrens are very adaptable – you can actually hang another something – planter, basket, even an apron with a pocket – next to her present location, move the nest when she’s not there, and she will come right back to it and go on as though nothing has happened!  We’ve had to do it many times!!I just love the little wrens – they seem like such tough little birds, and nothing seems to phase them!!

  4. It is so interesting to discover where birds will make nests.

  5. I just LOVE the term “wrenters” ~

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