Passing on the Culinary Expertise

Today is a bittersweet day for this mama.  Deborah is making the family’s bread for the first time ever.  I began baking bread for my family when I was pregnant with Deborah, and have been making it ever since (except when I was very pregnant with the ensuing babiesand my husband ordered temporary reprieve).  This morning, I brought up the very last loaf of the batch I made just before surgery so I could pack a lunch.  Daniel said that I could not bake — yet.  Beebs has been saying that she wants to learn, and so, we decided that there was no time like the present.  She has done everything herself (with verbal instructions) and I am so proud of her.  Three little girlies whose daddy is doing some work in our trailer came to watch and “help.”  Here the oldest (who was, by far, the most interested) is being her usual engaging self


Not going to comment on everything —
But for the most part,
this is a sweet day at Shady Acres.

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  1. I understand the bittersweetness of this event. How wonderful you daughter is ready and capable of taking over this chore, though!

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