Spending the night at Grandpa and Grammy’s House . . .

“I’m spending the night at Grandpa and Grammy’s house.”
I went shopping with “The Girls” this afternoon.
We had a good time!  I never slept a wink!
And we picked up pizza for supper on the way home.
That was good.
After supper, Grandpa was working in his garden.
Grammy was worried about her marigolds,
so she started a hose, thinking it wasn’t going very fast. 

She was wrong.


Grandpa was trimming up his tomato plants,
getting them ready for the fencing that
he uses to keep them up and off the ground.
Grammy had to go into the house for a minute.
I promised to be good.

Grandpa was there.  He didn’t stop me. 

I think that means that this is okay.  
At least I played and played, and he didn’t stop me.
I did hear him laughing over there in the tomato row. 

Grammy took this picture of my silly grin.
I had just thrown a big handful of mud on her
(and I found out pretty quick that wasn’t allowed).

Right after this picture,
Grammy put me in Grandpa’s outside shower,
took off my clothes, and washed me off.  

She also rinsed out the clothing so that the mud wouldn’t stain.
We came inside, and Grammy got my bath water, and I got completely clean, dry and powdered.
I fell asleep while Auntie Rach was reading to me.  
So now I am getting a good rest on the floor beside Grandpa and Grammy’s bed.
Tomorrow, I am going to church with them, and that makes me happy, too!
Grammy is too tired to think straight tonight.  Maybe she needs someone to read her a story and tell her to go to bed!


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4 responses to “Spending the night at Grandpa and Grammy’s House . . .

  1. Oh, so cute! My brother Dale and I were talking the other day about playing in the wonderful clay mud we had at an area of the farm when we were kids. Today there is blacktop over that area.

  2. Sort of makes you wish you were a kid again, doesn’t it?    (o;     I’m glad you posted a close-up of that Y shaped ‘thing’ by the tomato plant.   I wondered, from your last post, how you would use those.   Do you put fence around them, or how do you do the tomatoes?   My hubby used to have circles made of fencing, (maybe 4 feet tall) and would drive a steel post to keep them upright.

  3. Looks like fun at your house! I kept my grandchildren overnight on Thursday night. . . I wonder how it would have sounded if they told the story!!!

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