Daniel found a little Blue Jay, hopping around in my potted plants.  He caught it and brought it in to show me:




He wasn’t very happy!

I wish I could have gotten a picture of his mama.
She was brazenly upset.
Even after Daniel gave her baby a gentle heave into the maple tree
and he was perfectly safe, she scolded and scolded.

I love the little things around Shady Acres at this time of year!



The first “real” cucumber on Charis’ Cucumber patch.
She couldn’t wait to see it, so her Mama brought her down,
Grandpa helped her picked it,

And . . .

She couldn’t wait to eat it!

Like I said, I love the little things! 






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  1. Oh what a cute bird ! Glad you found his Mama and sent him house ! She sure was loving that cucumber! And your right–it’s the little things in life that count !

  2. What a treat to see the baby jay! 

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