It has to be my favoritest day of the week.  Gathering with friends to worship, seeing faces I love, sometimes having company and almost always getting a nap.

So yesterday, we had our usual scrambling morning.  Middle Daughter was home (for those of you who didn’t know, she has moved out to live with her Grandma, my Sweet Mama, for a trial period of time).  A sister of Mama’s, Alma Jean Yoder, from Virginia, had arrived on Saturday to stay for a week, and so Deborah had decided to come home for the week to give the sisters some time together.  With another sister, Freda, just across the lawn from Mama, it looked like a wonderful week ahead.  

We had invited the sisters to lunch on Sunday as they had planned to all come to Laws Mennonite Church for the morning worship service.  I had promised not to go to too much trouble and had kept my promise.  Chicken corn noodle soup and Ground Cherry Pie were the only items that I had to make.  Lunch was rounded out by a great, fresh tossed salad from Lawina who joined us on the spur of the moment and Friend Emma came, too.  Certain Man presided over the table of seven  “hens” with his usual aplomb and we had a great time together.

After lunch, while Mama and the Aunties went home, Beebs and Lawina and Emma cleared away the mess while I went to get ready for calling hours at a memorial service in Milford.  Rats!  I had gotten something on the jacket of the dress that I wanted to wear to the calling hours.  I tried and tried to get it off, but nothing seemed to help, only make things worse.  I finally took the jacket off to see whether I could clean it from the back of the material, and here!  Something from lunch had gone between my jacket and my dress and I had squished it greatly in my attempt to wash it off and there was a spreading stain.  I tried a few more housewifely laundry shortcuts, but nope!  No success.

So, I changed my dress.  Just before leaving the bathroom where I had changed, I grabbed some perfume and gave a few spritzes to my neck, and then we were off.

It has been beautiful in Delaware, and this day couldn’t have been nicer.  High white clouds floated against a blue sky and the temps were reasonable.  Autumn was in the air for sure.  I have recently started putting out my harvest air fresheners, and have been paying special attention to the downstairs bathroom that has had an unpleasant — well — atmosphere here of late.  In fact, just shortly before leaving, I had sprayed some of Yankee Candle’s Macintosh Spice air freshner in the ladies bathroom, hoping to improve things a little bit.

“”Wow!” I thought, as we went down the road, “That room spray must really be absorbed by fabric.”  I could smell “Macintosh Spice” every minute as we were going.  We pulled up in front of the church and Certain Man parked and we went inside.  We talked to old friends, found the immediate family and expressed our great sadness over Bob Nelson’s untimely passing, and then left.  All along the way, all I could smell was “Macintosh Spice.”  It was starting to make me feel more than a little nauseous.  It wasn’t until I was getting out of the mini-van that a troubling thought invaded the extreme autumn atmosphere.  What if???

I surreptitiously rubbed my finger over the area where I had intended to spritz my faithful Imari perfume and it came up with just a tad bit of greasy residue and ranking of a very Autumn  Yankee candle.

 Oh, dear!  I had hugged so many gals and talked to so many people — I just couldn’t think about it.  So I washed everything off, got some powder and the right amount of my usual “smell good,” got into my housecoat, and took a nap.



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  1. LOL  …  Just think of all those folks to whom you gave a hug, and THEIR necks smelled like Yankee Candle too.    (o;

  2. You always manage to make me laugh and feel so normal. 🙂

  3. I could tell where this post was going when I read about the”few spritzes”.    🙂  Thanks for the laugh!

  4. One thing for sure, either way I know you smelled good! Thanks for the laugh.

  5. You made me laugh out loud!  Well, at least you smelled good!  And I like some of those fragrances as much as perfume, anyway.  I know you feel blessed to have Middle Daughter staying with your Mama.  One of my dear friends has just made that decision with her daughter for “Grandmommy”, and I’m so thankful for daughters willing to help.  I know I couldn’t have made it without my Dannye Reigh!!Good to hear from you again, Friend!

  6. Thanks for the laugh!! Actually that is one of my favorite scents!

  7. That’s awesome, MaryAnn!! I hope you still like that fragrance after inhaling it so close up! I left my perfume bottle at Jeremy’s the last time we were there. It’s Bath and Body Work’s Coconut Lime. He saw it and thought it was something like Febreeze and sprayed it on his pillow case to freshen it up. He said he had dreams of being at the beach all night long from the coconut smell, hahahaha!

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