My Far Away Girlie is heavy on my heart today.

When I send my kids away with my blessing, one of the things I purpose not to do is allow myself to worry.  I truly know that though they may not be “safe,” they are never out of His Care.

It has felt different this time, sending Rachel to Uganda.  Not different in that I miss her more, or I miss her less, but maybe a bit of unsettledness over some issues over which no one has any control (Ebola, malaria, typhoid, yellow fever).  These have nagged at the back of my mind at times.  She did the immunizations that were recommended, and she is careful.  But —

Today my girlie is ill.  She called a couple of hours ago as she walked to her host home in Uganda.  She is running a fever, has an upper respiratory infection and a raging intestinal and upper G.I. disturbance.  No, she hasn’t eaten anything she shouldn’t.  No, she hasn’t been exposed to anything that she knows of.

However, yesterday, she walked a slum from one end to the other in her internship with Compassion, International.  And until this week when they went into their host homes, the team has hardly slept at the same place for more than three days in a month.  Who knows what she picked up, and where?  She was cheerful, optimistic, but very, very exhausted.  And sick. 

Could you please pray for our girl?  She belongs to Jesus, and He will never leave her, never forsake her, but we feel a need for the prayers of God’s people.



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  1. Dearest daughter of Sweet Mama (you are also a sweet mama, you know that, right?) I will be praying for your girlie.  That she will heal quickly and come out of this stronger than ever before.  And I will pray for you, too.  Thank you for being you.  HUGS.

  2. I am praying for her right now!

  3. I am praying for Far Away Girlie right now.  I’m so sorry she is ill, and far away from you.  That is so difficult. I kinda know how you feel, although Pamela is not near as far as Uganda, and her gallbladder issue in this late stage of pregnancy isn’t as scary as the possibilities you must think about.  “Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the Lord thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.”

  4. I’m so sorry, MaryAnn. Wish I could pray with you in person. I guess there were advantages to having no means of communication when Jeremy was on missions trips in the 90’s. Stuff like this came and went without my ever knowing about it.

  5. Praying that God will hold her in his arms and comfort her-make her well and happy. God bless her Mother too-give her comfort and peace !

  6. Dear Sweet Mary Ann,  I’m so sorry to hear that Rachel is under the weather.  It is so difficult when they are so far away and we are not able to “mother” them like we want to~  But we KNOW they are exactly right where they are suppose to be, and the Lord is holding them in the palm of his hand.  I pray for her healing and peace and for overflowing comfort and love from her host family.  Please know, sweet friend, we join you in storming the throne of grace on behalf of our girlies!

  7. Praying for you and your daughter.

  8. So sorry to hear about your sick girlie. I am sure that is difficult for you! Will be praying.

  9. Praying, I can only try to imagine if that were one of my children, and what I imagine isn’t pleasant either.  So from one mother heart to another, hugs and prayers this morning~

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