Thank you all so much for your prayers and for your encouragement!  

Rachel is much, much better this morning.  In fact, to use her words, 

“I’m doing a lot better. Whatever I had seems to be gone.”

My heart gives grateful praise– not only for her recovery, but for the friends who jumped to the fore and prayed for Rachel as well as us.  THANKS!


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  1. Praise the Lord! I was so glad to see this report this morning.

  2. Good news is always good to hear!

  3. So happy to see this post. I rejoice to see that God answered heartfelt prayers! Your heart must be relieved!

  4. Don’t you just smile when people are amazed at what God can do. And we knew he could all the time–we just have to ask right?? Soooooo happy your daughter is better today !

  5. I just read about Rachel being sick. So glad she is feeling better. While we were in Africa some of us had viral helpatitis, intestinal parasites, malaria, dengue fever, and colds. Nothing to cause permanent damage as long as we took meds to treat it. I never thought too much about how worried our parents must have been. Now I really appreciate their willingness to let us go.

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