New York trip

Daniel and I spent the nicest couple of days in New York.  The first night, we spent the night with his nephew, Jeremy and his wife Doreen.  They have five boys that they are raising on a mushroom farm near the small town of Ghent, New York.  Daniel and Jeremy had the problems of the world to solve, so their four oldest boys and I had a wonderful couple of  hours while I helped to harvest the day’s crop of Shiitake Mushrooms, told them endless stories, and listened to their various observations and informative tidbits.


Here, Daniel holds their youngest son, Nicholas Daniel (almost six months)
while their oldest, Weston (12) listens in on the conversation between his dad and Great Uncle.


Here are the youngest three:  Kedall (almost 10) Donovan (7),  and Levi (almost 4).
On Friday morning, time got a little tight and Jeremy and Doreen both had things to do, so I volunteered to drive the boys to school.  Their house is perched up the side of a hill, on a craggy mountain road.  The lane is rocky, rutted and goes down a “bit” of an incline.  The boys got their seatbelts fastened, and we headed down the lane to the main drag that runs through the New York woodland.  I was barely halfway down their driveway when it got suddenly quiet behind me.
“I don’t think,” said a small voice behind me, “that our Mama has ever gone down our lane quite this fast!”
Ouch!  Another comment on my driving.
I stepped on the brakes and slowed it down.  
“I guess your Aunt Mary Ann is going to have to be more careful,” I said, laughing.  “You know, my own Grandbaby sometimes says, ‘Grammy, you drive like a bat!’  Or sometimes she says, ‘Grammy, you’re a crazy woman driver!’  So I suppose I better pay attention.”  
Of course, they thought that was terribly funny — especially that part about driving like a bat.  I slowed down, got them safely to school, got terribly mixed up on the way home trying to follow Jeremy’s GPS, but finally I made it safely home with no mishap.

And so, the first day passed.



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4 responses to “New York trip

  1. I had wondered where you’ve been, since I hadn’t seen you on much lately. I can’t wait for more stories of your trip. I’ve always wanted to go to New York…

  2. I didn’t know if anyone in the US grows mushrooms anymore. It seems most of them these days are imported from China.

  3. Four boys! They must be busy

  4. You made me laugh out loud, Mary Ann!! Just too funny to think of you bumping down that lane and those little boys being afraid of your driving.

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