It’s that time again!

. . . Just because some of you have asked for it again, and because, by the end of this week, if the weather man is right, we Delawareans will be needing us some Hot Chocolate. (Yippee!) The batch I made last week is almost half gone! 


The Yutzy Family’s 5 ingredient Hot Chocolate Mix

1 box (20 or 22 quart size) Powdered Milk (I prefer Carnation brand)

1 – 12 oz. can of Ovaltine Rich Chocolate Mix (silver can, blue label)

1 – 30 oz. canister chocolate Nesquik

1 – 22 oz. jar of regular flavor powdered coffee creamer (I like to use the store brand)

2 pounds of Domino powdered sugar

Mix all together thoroughly, and store in a large container

 (This recipe fills a 9 quart Tupperware container)


Fill cup 1/3 t0 1/2 full of mix.  Add Hot/boiling water to top.


Top with your favorite whipped cream from a can.

If you feel really fancy, shave some chocolate over the whipped cream.




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4 responses to “It’s that time again!

  1. We will be in New York City. I may have to get a cup of hot chocolate to keep warm!

  2. I am going to make this and think of you every time we use it!  Thank you!

  3. WOw, that sounds really very sweet -I’m buzzing just thinking about it 😉 I’m sure my kids would love it, but I might have to use sugar-free ingredients if I can find them.

  4. Thank you Shanda for sharing! I’m going to make this too. Sounds easy and delicious 🙂

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