Of Trials and Blessings

Day Nine: I’m thankful for the current Bible Study lessons that we are having about not complaining. I certainly had to practice this virtue all day today! I kept hearing things buzzing around in my head that I had told THE GALS yesterday morning while I first waited for a prescription that was promised to be ready, then followed a construction equipment parade up Canterbury Rd at about 40 mph, with nary a chance to safely pass, then finally got up onto Governor’s Avenue where a little old man pulled out in front of me and proceeded to drive all the way to my turn off at mostly less than 20 mph. A trip that should have taken 30 minutes took 45. I was headed for a doctor appointment with Nettie, and with no time to spare, pulled into Eden Hill Medical Complex’s parking lot. 

And here is where my second item of grateful praise comes in tonight. In my possession was Certain Man’s cell phone which he had inadvertently left behind this morning. He had said he would meet me there to pick it up. He walked up when I stopped at the front entrance to unload Nettie and said, “Hon, you take your keys, give me the spare key and I will park the van for you.” It was so cold and windy, there were NO handicapped parking places nearby, and I desperately needed to find a ladies room. He had no idea of the magnitude of the gift he gave me, but it was an incredible blessing to me and to Nettie as well. We actually got to Dr. Gough’s office (third floor, farthest north corner) within three minutes of the appointed time without having “the accident” and everyone seemed glad. 

I was gratefully glad AND gladly grateful.


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  1. Seemingly small gifts are best!  God bless your thoughtful man!

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