Day Ten:  I’m Thankful for Saturday nights.  For the way the tiredness draws you back from the day, urging you towards the Day of Rest.  

I’m so grateful that we were taught to “keep Sunday” by not using it for shopping, eating out, or unnecessary work.  

I’m grateful for a monumental job that got done today, that of sorting and filing a small mountain of papers that have been accumulating for a very long time, sitting on top of my heart and weighing it down.  Whew!  Still have bills to pay, but I’ve straightened the roll-top desk that invites me to just stack things inside and close the lid.  This job took most of the day.

I’m grateful for fellowship with other believers who meet together at Laws Mennonite Church.  Whenever I miss a Sunday, I feel out of step somehow, and that something just isn’t quite right.  After being gone for last weekend, I’m especially eager to be “back home” with my church family.

I’m thankful for Middle Daughter, who helped so cheerfully today, and lightened my load.  We are both a bit under the weather with a head cold and kinda’ achy, but she persevered, and things got done.  I’m also thankful for Certain Man who did his usual Saturday work-a-thon.  This man deserves a day of rest!  His knee is really hurting him tonight, and I hope he can sleep.  He certainly deserves it.

His pain reminds me of something that I am thankful for every single day.  I am so grateful for my two “new” knees.  I sometimes ponder what my life was like three years ago at this time, and it wasn’t pretty.  I’ve been given so much in this particular gift.  My heart gives grateful praise.


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  1. My ‘other’ new knee will be in 10 more days.   I had the left one a few years back, and I agree….those artificial ones are GREAT!!!  Didn’t God help man make some wonderful things?

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