Of familys (both natural and church) and food

Day 11– I am thinking tonight about how God blessed Daniel and I with a family when there seemed no hope of such. First Christina came to bless our hearts and home and then followed Deborah, Raphael, Lem, and Rachel. I never dreamed the years would go so fast. I always knew that someday we would discover that all our children were somehow all grown up and I hoped that we would be friends, that the ties that bound us together as a family would hold us steady when they were all grown up. How grateful I am that our offspringins are friends with, not only each other, but also with the people that God has added over the years. First Jesse, then Jessica, then Regina, and finally, our little love bug, Charis.

And on this particular Sunday night, I’m thankful for the church family of which God has allowed us to be a part. So thankful for open hearts and honest sharing, for hope for our future and concern for our present.

And lastly, I sure am thankful for that incredible spread of food at our potluck today. Not only was it tasty, it was so pretty, and the Hospitality committee had done simple but very tasteful decorations to make The Gathering Place even more welcoming. The brotherhood exuberantly and noisily made Torre’s 13th birthday a thing of joy, and her hug and repeated thanks made me know that she felt so loved and cared for. Thanks to all of you! Your kindness to Torre is being felt by her extended family and I pray that God will use it to draw people to Himself.

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