pie crusts and laundry and a grandbaby’s visit

Day 12–

It was a long and busy day.  It started with oversleeping to the point that Cecilia didn’t have time for her morning routine before the bus.    Flying around here and then making the DART bus wait just didn’t seem feasible.  So I rather figuratively hid out in the house and Certain Man told the bus driver that the trip had been cancelled.  I will hear about it tomorrow, but that’s okay.  I told the truth.  I overslept.  And that felt so good!

Monday has its routines at Shady Acres, and this day held the usual laundry and digging out from the weekend.  I always need a day to catch up, and to get my routines somewhat back in order.  That is what good Mennonite homemakers do, I guess.  Certain Man was home because of Veterans Day, as was Nettie, but Cecilia could have gone to Center if I had, well, you know.  Gotten up in time.

Certain Man got out his leaf blower and moved a monumental amount of leaves — from off the driveway, the decks, and even part of the lawn.  He is talking about hiring someone to do the rest of the leaf removal, but we haven’t reached an agreement on that yet.  I just know that it is too big a job for him, and because of the amount of leaves, it really should be done.  We shall see.

This evening, Charis came to brighten my evening for a time.  She was in rare form, with some busy fingers and a lively little discussion going.  We decided that we were going to mix up and roll out some pie crust for the freezer for the busy weeks ahead.  I had a little more “help” than was beneficial at times, but we did accomplish our mission and there are seven pie crusts in the freezer tonight in anticipation of the coming holidays.  I always feel better when there is a “pie crust cushion” stashed away ahead of time.  Our Grandbaby’s  Daddy and Mama came to pick her and she squalled and protested and wept, but they prevailed and toted her home amidst great noise.  

And then I finished up the laundry, put ladies to bed, cleaned up the kitchen and swept the floor, and thought about the fact that I hadn’t posted my grateful praise for this twelfth day of November.  So here goes:

I’m thankful for the ability to interact with my grandbaby.  When Charis was a newborn, my knees were so bad that I couldn’t stand up while holding her.  It took both of my arms to push off the chairs of a given seat if I were to stand up.  I remember saying, “I don’t want to just be a sit on the chair and read stories grandma.  I want to do be able to do things with her, to run a little bit if I need to, to be interested and active and even throw a ball or chase her.”  God has so graciously answered that prayer.

My husband had a meeting today that he was dreading on the poultry industry front.  He desperately wanted to stay home, but was very much “encouraged” to attend.  He came home, glad that he went, having won a nice jacket as a door prize, having learned some helpful things, and having some positive exchanges with some of the powers that be and even getting two credits towards his ongoing Nutrient Management education requirements.  A man who has a better than expected time at such gatherings is a a lot more fun than one who comes home feeling like it was a waste of time.  My heart gives more grateful praise.

For a good day, for pie crusts in the freezer, for laundry done, for appointments kept.  Lord Jesus, for these I am truly grateful.



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3 responses to “pie crusts and laundry and a grandbaby’s visit

  1. Good Job, Mary Ann.. good job

  2. I think that is so wonderful–12 days of things to be thankful for !! Sounds ike God has blessed you in many ways. Thank you for helping remember to be thankful for the things we take for granted !

  3. This was so much fun to read – like I was going through your day with you.  I know what you mean about wanting to be able to DO things with your grandbaby.  I work on my weight issues all the time specifically so I will be in better health for my grandbabies. (Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail, but I never stop trying.)  And a happy husband is definitely a blessing!

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