And the WINNER is . . .

Entry # 14 — From sep1:

Tea and trouble brewing….
I know I could relate……
If my name is not the one chosen,
for the copy of the book,
I shall search the local library,
(hopefully finding the book!?)
then nestle in a nook, 

and then all cozied up….with my tea,
I shall enjoy my “date”.

This gal happens to be my second cousin, (though we’ve not done much connecting from that connection surprised).
 My grandma, Savilla Bender Yoder, (1889 – 1968)
was Val and Caroline(Gingerich) Bender’s oldest child.  
Sherry’s grandma, Pauline Bender Beachy (1909-1969)
was their youngest biological child that lived.  
The picture shows Sherry and her husband, Shawn,
at my nephew’s wedding
(when Tim Yoder married Diana Geiser–HAPPY DAY!!!).

Congratulations, Sherry!  
I’m sure that you will enjoy the read!   

And for this, the 26th day of November,
I sure am thankful for an Oregon Mama who has written a book that inspires and comforts us and has provided this fun, fun way of connecting with so many people!  This is a thank you to Dorcas Smucker and her blog tour for an exciting four-day adventure.

And to the rest of you — Better luck next time!


 – Because I liked this giveaway.  I just might do it again.



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3 responses to “And the WINNER is . . .

  1. How fun! Thank you again for hosting this.

  2. It was such fun to read your review and all the entries! I was going to enter, but thought about how difficult it is for me to find time for reading, and I thought how awful if I won, and put it on a shelf for days/months/years!  So, when I can, I am going to check the library myself!!

  3. She’s so sweet, I’m glad she won the book.  Aren’t giveaways fun? 

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