Late night Kitchen Meanderings . . .


I wish that I was sleeping.  But I got a late start on a couple of canners of chicken, and it’s gonna be a while before I get there.  I don’t especially like to can meat, but it is so handy to have on hand, and it is a good and quick dinner when there is unexpected company, or when time runs short to make something for the family.

I have always canned straight white meat — boneless, skinless tenders, straight from the processing plant.  I like using that for chicken salad or even casseroles.  But I married a man who likes dark meat, so I’m trying something different with this chicken.  I am filling my quart jars half full of white meat, and then finishing it off with dark, as in boneless, skinless thighs.  I wonder if it won’t make the meat more moist, and if the flavor won’t be better for quick soups or casseroles.  Maybe even better chicken salad.

I got 40 pounds of dark meat, and 40 pounds of white.  I am selling a ten pound bag out of each case, which leaves me with 60 pounds of meat.  If my calculations hold true, that will give me around 28 quarts of canned chicken.  I think that will last this family for a while.  And I won’t have to worry about a freezer going out.  That is a good feeling, too.

So now, one canner is finished, and the other is in its cooling down stage and 14 quarts are finished for tonight.  A few minutes ago, Certain Man betook himself to his bed, but I have a short wait before I can go.  Hopefully I can get the others done tomorrow.  All is quiet in the old farmhouse at Shady Acres.  I think I am going to go enjoy the solitude for a few more minutes.

Blessings, Dear Friends.  May you all sleep well!



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5 responses to “Late night Kitchen Meanderings . . .

  1. It is a lot of work, but it is really nice to have on hand.  Where do you buy the chicken, and is it ready to can?  I bought a family size pack of thighs and canned that, but it was quite a bit of work and didn’t make many pints, but it was really good.  I prefer the dark meat, but Carson likes the white … ‘and so between them both, they licked the platter clean.”  Canned chicken is also nice to have on hand when the electricity goes off.

  2. You will enjoy having that meat on hand – and there is always time to catch up on sleep. 🙂

  3. Very nice!  I use canned chicken from Cosco, I sure wish I had my own personally canned chicken, I’ll have to look into it and see if I could manage making it myself.I would love to see a picture of your finished work.  What time did you end up finishing?

  4. I finished that project too a couple wks ago using turkey and dk chicken legquarters.  It was a greasy long mess.  Also did beef and  pork butt.  The end project got split 4 ways.  I like to do it in these winter days that the house is kinda dry and cold.  The moisture and heat is wonderful.

  5. Not with THAT many pounds, but I’ve cooked chicken ahead like that to put into the freezer in meal size portions.  When I cooked it, I added a bit of celery, onion, sage, salt and pepper, and some chicken soup base for flavoring.  (comes in a peanut butter size jar)    But you have a good point…..don’t have to worry about the freezer going down, the way you do it!!!  (o;

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